Local Limelight: Silver Swans

Silver Swans and Tricycle Records/Courtesy

Combining dark, swirling synths with haunting vocals, San Francisco duo Silver Swans explores the shadowy areas of the dream pop soundscape. Reminiscent of a slightly more light-hearted Beach House, the band released their second album, Touch, last November, which draws inspiration from a new relationship vocalist Ann Yu was experiencing at the time.  The vocals of Yu echo and linger just long enough between breaths to latch onto you and suck you in, such as on the love-riddled murmurs on “Sea of Love.” Producer and composer Jon Waters paves the road for Yu’s vocals through the multitude of somber and uplifting synths and drum tracks.

Tracks like “Easy to Know” create a sense of anxiety with the high tempo synth and eerie, reverb filled vocals. Others such as “Sonnet + Oak” are more uplifting, utilizing bell, raindrop-like samples and layered, higher pitch vocals.

Check out the duo’s track “Desire” below, full of fleeting drums and Yu’s stirring vocals:

If you want to swim with these swans, check them out at the Rickshaw Stop in SF on April 3.