Daily roundup: all of March 13′s need-to-know news from the Daily Cal

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A salsa dance group meets Mondays from 8 to 10 p.m. in International House’s Chevron Auditorium. The group’s instructor is award-winning dancer Timea Potys of Sizzling Latin.

The daily roundup is a collection of the top stories to read from The Daily Californian. We’ve curated need-to-know articles from all sections of the Daily Cal to give you a quick glimpse at our news coverage.   

Top headlines to read:

“The Berkeley Student Cooperative’s Board of Directors will vote Thursday on the future of one of the largest cooperative houses in the country, Cloyne Court, after a month of heated debate, high emotions and late-night conversations among many co-op members.” — Future of Cloyne Court hinges on vote Thursday night

“Rippling in Wednesday’s wind, a bright yellow banner beside California Hall hangs from a tree, reading, in bright green capital letters, ‘Farms are for Farming.’ ” — Campus community explores urban agriculture 

“A proposal that would split California into six separate states could cause about 66 percent of UC Berkeley students to have to pay out-of-state tuition, according to a recently released report from a Sacramento research and strategy firm.” — Proposal to divide California would reclassify more than 100,000 UC students as out-of-state

 Sports tonight:

The bubble hasn’t burst for the Cal men’s basketball team yet.” — In quarterfinals of Pac-12 tournament, Cal men’s basketball clashes with Colorado

 “Evelyn Carrillo saw a chance to grab the lead, so the Buckeye took it. With two runners on base — one in scoring position — the first baseman laced the ball up the middle, just to the right of second base. The ball sliced through the air, just a few feet above the infield dirt. Ohio State was poised to take an early lead over Cal.” — Cal softball edges Ohio State, 2-1, despite dormant offense

Conversation starters:

“For some, a hotel is a symbol of a comfort. To others it’s a foothold in a faraway place, allowing them to go where they have never gone before. For Wes Anderson, it is a colorful backdrop for love, war, mystery and murder.” — Anderson strays into new territory with grim ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’

“We were looking at a painting that was really a painting of nothing. It had swirls, it had colors, it had, in my mind, a blob that looked like the outline of Jennifer Lawrence drinking tea — but that could just be because the man next to me was talking in a British accent about his love for the band Fun. and I wanted to go all Hunger Games on his booty. But, it wasn’t really a picture of anything in particular.” — Don’t hate on modern art

Berkeley in the news: 

“After Superstorm Sandy battered the Eastern seaboard in October 2012, a nationwide appeal went out for trained personnel to help beleaguered communities. Among those requested by name was Amina Assefa, a UC Berkeley employee who had previously worked for both the City of New York and the State of Louisiana, developing public-health and medical-related emergency-response plans.” — From the bayou to Berkeley, a master of disaster management

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