‘Shark Tank’ scouts talent at UC Berkeley

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On Feb. 26,  producers of ABC’s TV show “Shark Tank” met with more than two dozen UC Berkeley business students and alumni in search of the next contestants for the show.  They interviewed at the Haas School of Business to help entrepreneurs with the application process.

In case you didn’t know, “Shark Tank” is a show that features aspiring entrepreneurs who can pitch business or products to a panel of potential investors (“sharks”), and if a panel member is interested, the entrepreneurs can make a deal of trading a percentage of their business for investment funding. However, if none of the panel members are interested, the contestant will leave empty-handed.

The show’s producers decided to interview at the Haas School of Business in search of great startups because “it’s great for me to get a sense of your business, get to know you a little bit,” said one of the producers in an interview with ABC7 News.

ABC7 News explained the Haas School of Business was chosen to be a good place to search for the next entrepreneurs because of the potential and abundance of successful alumni.

Haas students got a chance to present their business ideas to producers, in hopes that they will get selected to play in the show.

UC Berkeley’s Haas students have a lot of competition — according to ABC7 News, 40,000 entrepreneurs tried to be a part of the show last season. But producers believed that chances of finding the next big thing were high at the Haas School of Business.

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