Quiz: What cafe should you study at today?

Nobody likes studying at Main Stacks, Moffitt Library or even the C.V. Starr East Asian Library, despite how pretty it is, so students often decide to venture off campus in search of the perfect cafe to study at. Everyone has his or her own preference as to which coffee shop is the best, besides just the fact that some serve better coffee than others. The cafe a person chooses to go to inherently says something about that person. We at the Clog have delved into what cafes reveal about their customers.

  1. What kind of coffee do you like?
    1. If I could have caffeine shot into my veins, I would.
    2. I’m more of a tea person, to be honest.
    3. I’m all about those frappes with no coffee and extra drizzle and whipped cream.
    4. As long as I can Instagram my coffee, I’m satisfied.
    5. I like good-quality black coffee. I don’t need any frills.
    6. The kind with a side of human rights and liberalism.
    7. Eh. Coffee is coffee; anything will do the trick.
    8. I want my coffee to be of the topmost quality.
  2. How important is Wi-Fi to you?
    1. Fairly important. The quality of the cafe is more important to me, though.
    2. I’m anti-Wi-Fi. I want to disconnect from social media.
    3. I’ll be so hyped on sugar that I won’t care about crappy Wi-Fi.
    4. I want my Wi-Fi to be really strong so I can show off my MacBook Air.
    5. Wi-Fi is one of the most important factors to me when choosing a cafe to study at.
    6. I just need it to be reliable enough for me to get through studying.
    7. I would like to have good Wi-Fi, but I can deal with bad Wi-Fi if I have to.
    8. I NEED good Wi-Fi.  I can’t live without good Internet service.
  3. Where do you want the cafe in relation to campus?
    1. So far away that you know the only people who go there are truly dedicated to artisanal coffee.
    2. I want it to be pretty close. I’m not into walking far from campus.
    3. Close to the western side of campus. I live near there, so it’s convenient.
    4. Close to campus but not full of just students.
    5. I want to study on Northside, because it’s quiet but still close enough to campus.
    6. I want it to be pretty far from campus but still convenient enough that I can take the 51B directly there.
    7. It needs to be so close to campus that I’ll feel like I’m still on campus.
    8. I want it to be far from campus but not far enough that I get tired on the way home.
  4. What kind of atmosphere do you want to study in?
    1. I want lots of couches to lounge about and fall asleep on. I also want the cafe to be fairly crowded and a little noisy.
    2. I would like classical music to play in the background as I’m slowly lulled to sleep by the comfortable environment.
    3. I want an atmosphere that never changes no matter the location.
    4. I like an outdoor environment so everyone can see how much coffee I drink.
    5. I want to be surrounded by people in their 20s, so I feel older.
    6. I need an artsy environment to cultivate my creativity.
    7. I want it to be crowded and loud.
    8. I like working in a chill, laid-back atmosphere.
  5. What kind of food do you want to eat while studying?
    1. I like a good array of baked goods, but coffee is more important to me, anyway.
    2. I like the classic cafe food: soups, salads and sandwiches, but I want it to be of good quality, of course.
    3. I enjoy small baked goods that aren’t amazing or made on location.
    4. I love cake. Cake is life — or anything sweet, to be honest.
    5. I could go for a sandwich, but it’s not super important.
    6. I do love Mediterranean food, but I also love a classic panini with my physics homework.
    7. I like a wide variety of foods, depending what I’m in the mood for.
    8. Bagels are the essential study food. I’m all about that schmear.
  6. Do you want to bump into people?
    1. I only want to bump into people who care about coffee as much as I do — so only a select few.
    2. Not really; I just want to study.
    3. I’m super outgoing , so YES! I love friends!
    4. Of course! That’s the entire reason I go to cafes — to socialize.
    5. No. And if I do see someone I know, I’ll ignore him or her.
    6. Not a chance; that’s why I want to go to a cafe so far away.
    7. Of course! I love seeing people.
    8. Yeah, I don’t mind seeing people, but I also want to study.
  7. How crowded do you want it to be?
    1. I want it to be pretty crowded. That way, when I get a seat, I’ll feel really accomplished.
    2. Not crowded at all. I hate it when people talk and distract me. All I want to do is study and get an A!
    3. I want it to be fairly crowded.
    4. So crowded that I can hardly ever find a seat.
    5. The perfect cafe is about two-thirds full, so you know it has good-quality coffee, but it also has available seating.
    6. I don’t really have a preference, but I do want a seat near an outlet.
    7. I like my cafes crowded and full of energy.
    8. I like it to be pretty crowded, and I’ll find a seat outside if need be.
  8. What time of the day do you like to study?
    1. I like starting early, but I don’t like studying too late. I like getting to bed fairly early.
    2. I like to study in the afternoon but not into dinnertime. It’s when I focus the best.
    3. I want to study a little before my 8 a.m. class, but I also want to study after class.
    4. I basically want to study all day long.
    5. I like studying early but not during or after dinner. I lose my focus when it’s too late at night.
    6. I start studying mid-morning, but then I go late into the night when I hit my groove.
    7. I like studying during the daytime up until after dinner.
    8. I want to study during the main calling hours of the day: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    1. Philz Coffee: You, my friend, are all about that artisanal coffee with far too much caffeine for the normal human to sustain. Nothing can stop you from getting that perfect cup of joe. Not even the bus ride with the local crazies or the long walk will deter you from drinking your Mocha Tesora or Mint Mojito Iced Coffee. You also Instagram your coffee often.
    2. The Musical Offering: You love studying in a calming environment of classical music. The Musical Offering is one of the most soothing places to study, so you go as an oasis to the rest of Berkeley.
    3. Starbucks: Do you even go to UC Berkeley?
    4. Caffe Strada: You want everyone to know what a coffee connoisseur you are, so you sit outside for all the passers-by to see what kind of coffee you’re drinking. Not only do you love being social in an outdoor environment, but you love to show off that you’re social. But you also love a good latte every now and then. You also Instagram your cappuccinos, usually with a slice of cake.
    5. Brewed Awakening: You prefer the laid-back environment of Northside to the loud region south of campus. You aren’t a huge fan of other students in general, so you go to Brewed Awakening to at least pretend you’re a grad student writing his dissertation on philosophy. But in reality, you’re just doing your homework for Math 53.
    6. People’s Coffee & Tea: You love the liberal vibe People’s Cafe has, from the roots of its name to its artsy decor. You’re an aspiring activist, but you still want to do well in school, so you stay at People’s Cafe until midnight, when it closes. You’re one of the biggest advocates for free speech and expression, so People’s Cafe is perfect for you.
    7. Cafe Milano: It’s all about location for you. Cafe Milano has one of the most convenient locations close to campus, so you go there despite its coffee and Wi-Fi not being top-notch. You may not be all that adventurous, but you are loyal to your favorite coffee shop.
    8. Cafe Blue Door: You like being able to say that you frequent a coffee shop a little farther away from campus than most other cafes, but you’re not willing to go too far, because nobody has time for that. You like that Blue Door isn’t extremely well-known, but for the people who REALLY know Berkeley and quality coffee, Blue Door is pretty popular. But don’t worry, you knew about Blue Door before it became popular.