Tunesdays: Tuesday Bass Break

Midterms are over (for the most part) and spring break is just around the corner. Before many of you rush off to faraway beaches and relax in your spring break paradise, take a 20-minute break at home. Put your headphones on and zone out to some hip hop and R&B with booming bass, chilled instrumentals, and occasional vocals.

Access the playlist HERE.

Stove Top – Cookin Soul

Cookin Soul is a Spanish producing group most known for mashing up Nas, Jay-Z, and The Game with unexpected artists, such as Michael Jackson and Coldplay. Cookin Soul is also known for producing chilled, jazz-heavy beats. This beat was originally given to Curren$y, who spits his traditional laid-back flow behind the lazy horn and heavy drums.

Janita – That’s How Life Goes (NeguimBeats Remix)

NeguimBeats is an independent beatmaker from Brazil. His remix of Janita “That’s How Life Goes” combines Janita’s smooth vocals with hard 808s and spacey synths. Neguim sneaks in a second bassline to provide more depth and more bass-y goodness.

Freddie Joachim – Golden Temple feat. Mar Remix

Freddie Joachim is an American producer who combines jazzy elements, funky basslines and synths to create a surreal listening experience. In this remix, Joachim utilizes Mar’s original vocals and synths. Joachim speeds up the original beat and introduces booming snares, adding a dance vibe to the song.

Robes – Freddie Gibbs and Madlib feat. Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt

From the highly anticipated album Piñata, rapper Freddie Gibbs and producer Madlib’s “Robes” creates an authentic gangsta-rap feel, filled with soulful samples and smoked-out verses. Madlib delivers the right vibe for “Robes” with a sample from Lenny White, a soft drum pattern and heavy bass. Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt, members of Odd Future, offer solid verses recalling their struggle to be successful. Freddie enters in the end, bringing his usual swagger in his delivery: “Faces, smiling faces, they keep me motivated / And I got plenty fans but I ain’t sh*t without my haters”

Mr. Carmack and Kaytra – Ones

Hawaiian native Mr. Carmack collaborates with Kaytra to provide a laid-back hip hop instrumental with ghostly synth pads, a simple drum pattern and spinning hi-hats. This one is quite old (relative to the other tracks) but offers satisfying sounds.

Thefaded. – F*cking In Your Parent’s Bed

Thefaded. finishes this playlist with a bass-heavy beat that incorporates a classic soul sample with a deep bass kick coupled with high-pitched claps, leading to a chilled-out conclusion to the playlist.

Enjoy your spring break and finish this week of strong. Remember, it’s good for your body and mind to take a little break now and then.