11 things worse than your Tele-BEARS appointment time

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We hate to break it to you and your blissful denial, but your Tele-BEARS appointment is out on BearFacts. But never fear; we at the Clog are here to brace you for it. Before you feel too bad about it, remember there are things around Berkeley you deal with all the time that are way worse.

1. The line at Walgreens


Yeah, you can keep squeezing the last drops out of that bottle of shampoo until tomorrow.

2. GBC’s mob at noon

golden bear cafe

Unless you love seeing everyone you’ve ever met in one place. Ever.

3. When the 51B is pulling away from the stop you just got to


Life has no mercy.

4. An iClicker in your 8 a.m. lecture


Will it be at the beginning? Or the end?  Seriously, do you actually have to go?

5. Calling for delivery at 1:50 a.m. and having them tell you they won’t come


But … we just wanted pizza …

6. Almost anything for dinner from Crossroads

Cal Dining Auxiliary

After the first week of freshman year, the glamour has worn off, leaving in its wake puddles of grease.

7. Walking all the way to Clark Kerr Campus


And that hill …

8. Having every single person flier-ing on Upper Sproul Plaza decide that you want one of his or her pamphlets


Even when you put your head down and pop your headphones in, there are just some days everyone on Sproul will target you. It’s not that you don’t want to save a child’s heart or buy some In-N-Out or go to an improv show — it’s that you don’t have time or money or the desire to waste paper.

9. Having two midterms and a paper on the same day


All too unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

10. Back-to-back classes without a break to eat

The blocking strategy, thanks to last semester’s awful Tele-BEARS time!

11. Cash-only restaurants


You spent your last $20 almost two weeks ago, and you’ve been living off your Cal 1 Card. Until now. Oops.

But, we’re sorry to say, your Tele-BEARS appointment time is probably still pretty bad.

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