Who to listen to now: Nick Waterhouse

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The singer-songwriter-guitarist Nick Waterhouse has revamped the charm of sweet-flowing jazz music and brought it to the current era with his second LP, Holly. He takes the essential aura of jazz and soul and twists it into his own style that is complemented perfectly by his ’50s-sounding voice and look.

The music is fitting for all sorts of occasions. Play it while you make dinner with that girl you like, and do your legendary snapping-yo-fingas-like-Carlton-from-“Fresh-Prince” dance move. She’d be like, “Oh, dang, boy, this guy is a classy motha-trucka.” Play it while you walk to class as you bite your bottom lip and nod your slicked-back head side to side — causing fellow students to make the same conclusion about you as the girl you made dinner for. Play it while writing a paper, and feel like you’re Hemingway smoking a cigar in a musty cafe before heading out to wrangle some bulls or some other manly activity — a feeling that would make your paper filled with brilliant insight.

Ultimately, it makes you feel like you’re drinking an Old Fashioned in a smoky speakeasy. But instead of being a homage to the past, the speakeasy is creating a modernized culture of its own.

Take a listen to the infectious track “This Is A Game” below:

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