PSA: Celebrate UC Berkeley’s birthday with free cupcakes

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On Thursday, students have the opportunity to celebrate the university’s founding with a myriad of competitions and cupcakes.

The University of California was founded on March 23, 1868, after then-Gov. Henry Haight signed the Organic Act that officially created the institution. Charter Day doesn’t always fall on UC Berkeley’s real birthday, and it’s not always celebrated in the same way. In 1896, an old-fashioned dancing party and a baseball game were organized, among other festive activities.

So what’s in store this year, you ask?

For UC Berkeley’s 144th birthday bash, the university is putting on “Charter Games,” which will feature an inflatable obstacle course, jousting, rock climbing, tie-dyeing and more! You can sign up here with your student group to participate in the competition. The highest-scoring team will be awarded with a grand prize. The events will take place in the afternoon on Memorial Glade. But even if you can’t participate with a student group, you should still attend the event. Why? Because at 12:30 p.m., there’ll be free cupcakes. Free. Cupcakes.

Now that’s something you don’t want to miss.

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