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Seniore's Pizza caters to extreme late-night hours

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MARCH 20, 2014

Berkeley cannot seem to get enough pizza. The pizza business has exploded in the Telegraph area. New pizzerias keep popping up on Southside, each claiming to have its own unique character and story.

On Durant Avenue, right across from Asian Ghetto, Seniore’s Pizza has joined the ridiculous number of pizza places in this area. Surrounded by established pizza joints Blondie’s and Fat Slice and newer competitors Artichoke Basille’s Pizza and Pieology, Seniore’s is in the center of the Southside pizza scene.

Google map of the pizza places on Southside.
Google map of the pizza places on Southside.

What helps Seniore’s stand out is that it appeals to the most extreme of college students’ schedules. It’s open later than any of its competitors around Telegraph Avenue: until 3 a.m. every day except for Fridays and Saturdays — when it’s open until 4 a.m. Seniore’s gives students another choice for pizza at an extremely late hour besides Artichoke Basille’s, which is open until 2 a.m. on weeknights and until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Seniore’s late-night business isn’t the only attractive aspect of the joint: The pizza itself also stands out. Many pizzerias in Berkeley make thin crust pizzas, and although they are tasty, the satisfying doughy taste of Seniore’s thick crust pizza is tantalizingly delicious. The crust is doughy, soft and chewy, so thick that one slice is more than enough. Unlike thin crust pizzas, every bite has substance to it, so you’ll enjoy the thick chewy satisfaction of a dense soft crust.

Seniore’s Berkeley manager, Talal Jaber, agrees with this unique aspect: The pizza has a thicker crust, and customers can choose from a wide variety of toppings. Each customer’s selection is made to order, so every pizza is fresh and personalized.


With many different flavors and toppings to choose from, Seniore’s most popular flavors are the classic pepperoni and any pizza combining chicken, pesto and white sauce, according to Jaber. The “fingerlicken chicken” pizza is also a good combo on this thick crust, with grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions, fresh garlic and green pesto.

According to Jaber, Seniore’s has already created a name for itself in the pizza industry with a loyal fan base at other Bay Area universities, such as San Francisco State and Santa Clara. Lots of people already know about Seniore’s from its other locations, and so far it has been successful in the college scene.


Berkeley is filled with student pizza-lovers for Seniore’s to feed, especially since its location on Durant Avenue only adds to the popular and convenient Asian Ghetto. At first glance, it seems like any other small pizza place, but when you step in, you’ll find Seniore’s is not just another pizzeria. It has a down-to-earth feel due to its small space and the graffiti-style art that spells out “Seniore’s” above the kitchen. With an urban comfortable feel and great taste, Seniore’s is sure to meet your expectations day and night.

Seniore’s Pizza satisfies cravings for thicker and chewier pizza, and when food cravings strike very late at night after studying or partying, it’s the only tasty pizza option still open. Seniore’s late hours might just carry its fifth location in a college town to success.

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MARCH 20, 2014