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MARCH 22, 2014

There’s no doubt that the student population here at UC Berkeley entails some interesting alumni, ranging from Nobel laureates to movie stars, but what if some of your favorite fictional characters were UC Berkeley students? What would they study? Where would they hang out? The Clog speculated how our favorite characters would spend their years.

harry potter

Harry Potter: peace and conflict studies major

The chosen one would no doubt catch some Zs on the grounds of Memorial Glade and, of course, play as seeker on the Cal Quidditch team. You might even catch him hiding around the bushes wearing the infamous yellow shorts to get a feel of what it’s like to be the Snitch for a change.

hermione 2

Hermione Granger: history, public health and social welfare triple major

Our favorite heroine convinced College of Letters and Science advisers to let her triple major. On any given day, she can be seen sitting in a comfy chair in Morrison Library to catch up on her readings. Thank goodness Doe Library’s grand reading rooms are just up the stairs in case she wants a change of scenery. She’s also just recently organized a protest against the overfeeding of campus squirrels.

tony starks

Tony Stark: engineering physics major

This genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist was one of the youngest graduates in UC Berkeley history and donates large sums of money to the school. He has even built a statue of himself on campus that doubles as an alternative energy source.


Sherlock Holmes: psychology and legal studies double major

This high-functioning sociopath at heart often conducts unauthorized experiments at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. We’re also pretty sure he’s been conducting some social experiments on unsuspecting people on Upper Sproul Plaza — so Andersons of the world, beware. Favorite place to hang out? Of course, the top of the Campanile.


Katniss Everdeen: forestry and natural resources major

The girl on fire is, naturally, the captain of the archery team and frequents the Berkeley Fire Trails whenever she needs a break from hectic student life. She loves to see the wild turkeys and adorable squirrels on her weekly hikes to the Big C. Favorite spots include the wooden benches near Strawberry Creek, where she can spend the day surrounded by trees and the babbling creek.

peter parker

Peter Parker: electrical engineering and computer sciences major

Spiderman is a part of the CS Scholars program and just restarted the UC Berkeley Photography Club, where people with a knack for capturing unique images can meet. He can usually be seen taking pictures of campus life and sharing them with his thousands of followers on his Instagram feed. On the weekends, he volunteers for the Lawrence Hall of Science, where he helps kids and families get a hands-on experience with science.

elizabeth bennet

Elizabeth Bennet: gender and women’s studies major, English minor

Everyone’s favorite feminist hero can be seen fliering to protest unfair wages for women  and once a week, she runs a DeCal class focused on the representation of women in the media. She also runs a blog dedicated to her love of classic literature.


Hannibal Lecter: psychology major, French minor

Eager to understand his fellow students, Hannibal is a peer counselor with the Student to Student Peer Counseling service group. He enjoys catching the latest symphony orchestra concerts and likes to cook for his roommates when he has some downtime. He hopes to study abroad in France next semester and is considering applying for a job with Cal Dining.

joan watson 2

Joan Watson: molecular and cell biology major

This sober companion is a force to be reckoned with as she juggles her heavy course load with an officer position in a pre-med fraternity. She is always up for a challenge, whether it’s finishing a pre-lab at the last minute or giving advice to a friend in need. She can be seen either taking her daily intake of caffeine at Cafe Milano or doing squats between study breaks in the middle of Main Stacks.

olivia pope

Olivia Pope: business major

It’s no surprise that this attorney-to-be has savvy entrepreneur skills  the Haas School of Business is where she belongs. Don’t be surprised if you see her running for a position in the ASUC Senate, where she hopes to gain experience for her dream job at the White House.

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MARCH 21, 2014

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