Stay focused while helping charities

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It would be extremely easy to say you will turn your phone off, put it out of sight and focus on your homework. But let’s face it — none of us have the guts to actually do this when we’re studying or slaving away on a new computer science coding project. Our phones have basically become our third arms, and it’s almost impossible to fight off all the distractions that come with them.

When most people think of apps, the top names that come to mind are “Instagram,” “Snapchat” and “Flappy Bird.” However, UNICEF has a revolutionary idea that may help college students more than they realize.

UNICEF released a new project called the UNICEF Tap Project, which utilizes cellphones to provide clean water to countries in need. By teaming up with various sponsors, UNICEF is able to gather donations for each minute you go without touching your cellphone. As soon as you click the “begin” button after visiting on your phone, you are challenged to go 10 minutes without touching your phone. Every 10 minutes you don’t touch your phone will equate to one day of clean water in a third-world country. However, if going without your phone is too excruciating, you are also given the chance to donate a small sum of $5 — which will equate to 200 days of clean water.

Not only is this app a brilliant way to raise awareness and funds for countries in need, but it also provides college students the perfect mechanism to avoid distractions while being benevolent. By taking on the challenge, you are forcing yourself to stay off of your phone for as long as possible, creating a more hopeful future for your Chemistry 1A grade. Dare to take the challenge?

If your distractions come from other applications on your computer rather than from your phone, check out these apps guaranteed to help you focus.

“Think” provides an overlay on your Mac that blocks out all other apps except for the one you are currently using, forcing you to only pay attention to one application at a time.

“Focus Booster” is a time management app that involves working for 25 minutes and taking a five-minute break.

“Stay Focused” is a Google Chrome app that limits the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and so forth.

“Focus Writer” creates an intimate atmosphere between the writer and the computer by blocking out all other apps. It’s just you and a gray page filled with your words. Nothing else. No distractions. Just your thoughts.

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