10 things to binge-watch on Netflix over spring break

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Finally, classes are out for a week and you have time to settle in and get reacquainted with your bae. Sure, you could go to the beach or the city. You could max out your credit cards in Cancun or wade through vomit and neon bikinis in Puerto Vallarta. But who wants to deal with all that when you’ve got your true love right in front of you? Break down and admit it: you’re going to spend the week half-naked and getting down with your tried-and-true sidepiece: Netflix.

Feeling like a one-night stand with no preparation and no protection? No problem. Ready to stream all over you.


1. “The Secret of Kells”: This 2009 release is a gorgeous piece of Celtic-style animation about magic and protecting a book from Viking invaders. If you’re burned out on EECS assignments, this is exactly the kind of kick back you need right now.

2. “Adaptation.”: In 2002, Spike Jonze set out to make the strangest movie of all time. He succeeded in this trippy little gem. Bonus: Meryl Streep gets high as hell.

3. “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”: Speaking of high as hell, you in the mood for some food porn? If you like sushi, you will be ridiculously fascinated by this deep look at the precision, art and science of your spicy tuna roll.

4. “Trainspotting”: Are you in the middle of a really hard semester? Feel burned out and beat down? This movie will make your life look AWESOME.

5. “Metropolis” Stop pretending you’ve seen this. No, you haven’t. Stop. Shut up and watch it. It will blow your mind.

Rather have a marathon where you get all sweaty and ignore your phone and only occasionally come up for air? We got you.


1. “Sons of Anarchy”: What if the cast of Hamlet was super hot and rode motorcycles and had sex and committed way more crimes? Yeah, it’s like that.

2. “Bob’s Burgers”: This show is what would happen if you took all the best parts of “King of the Hill” and “Family Guy,” and spread them like cookie butter over the most emotional moments of “The Simpsons.” Prepare to have weird little songs stuck in your head.

3. “The West Wing”: This one is for you PoliSci, Peace and Conflict Studies and American Studies majors. “The West Wing” is how we all wish politics actually were. Rage and triumph and tears await you.

4. “Sherlock”: You will become addicted to this series. You will quickly run out of episodes, because there are hardly any. Then, you might turn to the dark internet zones dedicated to fanfic. May Netflix have mercy on you.

5. “Breaking Bad”: If you haven’t watched this, spring break is the perfect time to shotgun the series. Two caveats: you may decide to quit school and make meth. Don’t. Also, the last 8 episodes are not yet available on Netflix, and if you get that far that will NOT BE OK WITH YOU. Secure access to the ending before you start. And don’t make meth. At all.

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