Tunesday: Spring Break Forever

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It’s spring break—aka the only thing you’ve been looking forward to since winter break, let’s be honest. Whether you’re sipping on piña coladas in Cabo, spending time with old friends or getting some sun on Memorial Glade if you haven’t left Berkeley, reward yourself with some uplifting tracks slewed together into something we call “Spring Break Forever,” because although spring break won’t last forever, some songs sure make us feel like it will. Here’s to celebrating break while it lasts! If you’re desperate though, you could always take the Harmony Korine “Spring Breakers” route and never come back, but I think we all know how that turns out.

 Access the playlist HERE

“Bad Day” by Darwin Deez

Let’s start this playlist off with Darwin Deez’s perfectly clumsy vocals to scare away any lingering exam anxieties. You’ll be hooked as soon as you’re 10 seconds in, and the song’s catchy electric guitar riffs and wonderfully snide lyrics will make your (hopefully) happy day even happier. Just a side note, Deez sings, “everyday ought to be a bad day for you” quite a lot, so sing along and join the fun.

“Places” by Shlohmo

 Who needs a plane ticket when a song can take you places? This track, full of dreamy melodies and rich rhythmical textures, is perfect to play in some time alone to yourself. Shlohmo’s been producing some majorly experimental material in the last five years (this song is relatively tame), and recently he’s been working with female artist Banks, so he’s someone to keep your eye on. For those of you lonely and stuck in Berkeley, close your eyes and for four minutes, there you’ll be—sandy shores, sapphire seas and a complimentary poolside bar.

 “Hero” by Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon & Diplo

This one’s for all you Frank Ocean die-hard fans. You know who you are. He along with Diplo and the Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon teamed up for Converse’s “Three Artists, One Song” campaign which, according to VP-general manager of Converse, celebrates “people who have a different perspective on the world and coming together to create something.” The song’s reggae hints, vocals from the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir and subtle electronic beats make for an unexpected surprise, and we have a shoe brand to thank for that.

“Always” by Panama (Classixx Remix)

Finally a song to dance to! Classixx’s remix of “Always” by Panama takes the already majestic song to more exciting new heights, adding in a beachy string of guitar and some groovy elements that pop up about a minute in. Hosting a spring break party? I think we got you covered.

“Don’t Matter” by Cherokee feat. Darianna

 Cherokee and Darianna, both of French roots, unite to produce a musical version of caviar. The song is executed in the cleanest way possible in that they gradually throw in some texture, beginning with some snaps and sultry exhales, and make their way into Darianna’s God-sent vocals and a disco-infused melody. This is one of those few songs out there that just doesn’t ever get old, so maybe it’s a little better than a musical version of caviar?

 “Riptide” by Vance Joy

A peppy ukulele propels this endearing indie-folk melody, and there’s an insanely interesting music video that goes along with it. The Australian singer-songwriter, who has been touring with Young the Giant since February, has been skyrocketing in popularity since his first album, God Loves You When You’re Dancing. If this song were to be in a film, it would play in that scene where the main characters are popping their heads out of their convertible cars, laughing and “WOO”ing away into the city lights.

 “Magic” by Coldplay

One of the most climactic moments of the year will probably be the release of Coldplay’s album Ghost Stories in May, and “Magic,” the second stream from the album, certainly keeps those expectations high. Much like the album’s only other release, “Midnight,” “Magic” seems to reflect the band’s shift to more bass heavy, electronic sounds. But we’re not complaining—the song has a soothing factor that is simply unparalleled.

“I Wanna Go” by Summer Heart

Summer Heart, a solo project by Sweden native David Alexander, puts out some head-bobbing, dream-pop material on his album, About a Feeling. The song’s echoing, incomprehensible lyrics are good for loosening up in the sun, and it’s easy to get lost in your thoughts with this one. Although the song does scream “summer” more than it does “spring,” why not get excited a little early?

 “Last Night” by G-Eazy feat. KYLE & Devon

This song opens with KYLE, who’s been touring with G-Eazy and has some attention-worthy material of his own on his album Beautiful Loser including hyper-catchy “Sex and Super Smash Bros.” Before G-Eazy’s verse, the song introduces its female-sung chorus, because what hip hop hit would be complete without one these days? Hopefully, this carefree tune puts you in a mood to frolic in some Berkeley cherry blossom trees, because that’s exactly what we expect you to do when you’ve come back to campus on Monday.