Quiz: what should I eat right now?

As college kids, we are bombarded with a lot of choices  which problem set to tackle first, which midterm to study for, which club to join, and then, on top of all those decisions, there’s food. At times, there are so many options you just can’t decide what to eat. Well, no worries! Take this quiz to help you choose which dish to devour.

1. Are you trying to eat healthy?

1. Of course. I have to take care of my body.

2. I’m good with something balanced.

3. Who cares about that?

4. I’m leaning toward something healthy.

5. I’m trying, but I’m failing.

2. Vegetarian or nonvegetarian?

1. Vegetarian all the way.

2.  I can’t live without meat.

3.  Either works for me.

4. I eat meat, but I can do without.

5. I don’t care; just tell me what to eat. I’m hungry.

3. Do you like spicy food?

1. My taste buds cannot handle the heat.

2. I eat green chilies for breakfast.

3. I can handle it.

4. In small amounts.

5. Only if I can control how spicy it is.

4. Do you want it to be easy to make?

1. Absolutely — ain’t nobody got time for cooking.

2. If it tastes good, I’ll spend the time in the kitchen.

3. As long as it fills me up, I’ll be happy.

4. I want something I can just buy from somewhere else.

5. I’m not much of a chef.


1. You got a salad! The idea of a salad might seem pretty tedious and boring, but there are always ways you can get creative in Berkeley. Try different dressings and different ingredients, such as apple slices, goat cheese, maybe even pomegranate seeds. Switch out lettuce for rockets or spinach. You’ll be surprised at the different delicious salads you can come up with.

2. You got a grilled spicy tri-tip! If you’re a meat lover, chances are you’re an avid fan of tri-tip. You can incorporate different kinds of spices into the dish, depending on what kind of cuisine you’re leaning toward. Common dishes utilize the fiery powers of the habanero and cayenne peppers.

3. You got pasta! The best thing about pasta is that it comes in a million different forms and flavors. Whether you want to stick to the traditional spaghetti with pasta sauce or branch out to more exciting varieties such as farfalle, rigatoni, cannelloni or the distant relative of classic pasta, noodles, you can always find something that will suit your current desires and will satisfy your stomach.

4. You got a wrap! Berkeley is abundant with joints that sell delicious wraps of all different flavors and calibers. Whether you want yours stuffed with cheese and vegetables or some beans and lamb, you will find there is never a shortage of places that serve these delicious and filling to-go dishes.

5. You got pizza! You are the embodiment of the hungry college kid who doesn’t have the time to cook or think about what you want to eat. Luckily for you, both Northside and Southside are crowded with pizza places that will fulfill every whim and dream you’ve ever had of pizza. And if they all happen to be closed, keep a stock of ready-made ones in your freezer. They’re quick, easy to make and require no skill whatsoever in the kitchen except knowing how to use a microwave or oven.

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