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Clog quiz: What type of roommate are you?

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MARCH 28, 2014


  1. 1. What does your closet look like?
    1. Lots of underwear and random shit that is not mine
    2. I have a bunch of random costumes for all the themed parties I go to.
    3. It’s color-coded. Duh.
    4. It’s empty. All my clothes are on the floor and on my desk.
    5. Lots of professional clothes and T-shirts from various campus organizations
    6. Sweats and T-shirts, all day every day
  2. 2. How would you spend a typical Friday night?
    1. On Tinder, at a bar or at a party
    3. Organizing my plans for the weekend
    4. Sitting and stuffing my face with Oreos or Doritos, watching “Hoarders.”
    5. At a social for my club
    6. Catching up on some reading or problem sets
  3. 3. What’s your favorite song out of all of these songs? 
    1. “Sex Therapy,” Robin Thicke
    2. “Wild For the Night,” Skrillex and A$AP Rocky
    3. The Swiffer Wetjet jingle
    4. “The Lazy Song,” Bruno Mars
    5. “Roar,” Katy Perry
    6. “Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2,” Chopin
  4. 4. When was the last time you had a juicy hookup?
    1. Uh, like, an hour ago.
    2. Last weekend at a party, duhhhh.
    3. With my significant other last weekend.
    4. Last week, outside on the living room couch. My roommates sit there. Whoops.
    5. Who has time for a hookup? I’m pretty busy.
    6. HAHAHAHAHA you’re joking, right?
  5. 5. Which famous celebrity do you embody?
    1. Robin Thicke
    2. Lindsay Lohan
    3. Mindy Kaling
    4. Seth Rogen
    5. Ryan Seacrest
    6. James Franco
  6. 6. When was the last time you showered?
    1. Yesterday with my FWB 😉
    2. Oh, well I was gonna shower last night, but I just ended up passing out in my bed …
    3. Last night. Every night. I can’t NOT shower.
    4. Um … two days ago? Maybe more? Idk.
    5. This morning! Showers in the mornings wake me up because I’m so busy throughout the day.
    6. I didn’t have time to shower last night because I had four midterms today, so I’ve been studying for the last 24 hours straight.
  7. 7. What does your ideal apartment like?
    1. I don’t really care as long as I have a single. I need my privacy.
    2. Lots of communal space so I can invite all of my friends over to drink.
    3. Lots of space, clean, organized and tidy. No dust mites or eating anywhere except for the kitchen!
    4. I don’t really care. As long as I have a place to live, sit, chill and sleep.
    5. I like it pretty organized, but I’m honestly rarely ever there because I’m always out and busy.
    6. Quiet.
    1. 1. The I-have-more-sex-than-rabbits-during-mating-season roommate. You get more action than a Quentin Tarantino film. You probably have a single, and if you don’t, you and your roommates probably have an agreement or a signal on what to do if you’re bow-chicka-wow-wow-ing all up in that bedroom. People are jealous of the amount of rain that you get during ALL seasons, and you’re just happy because you’re generally sexually satisfied.
    2. 2. The #turndownforwhat roommate. Your favorite pastime is alcohol. But you’re not an alcoholic until you graduate … right? You’ve thrown many a bash at your apartment, and when you’re not partying it up at your place, you’re out on frat row or at the co-ops or bars around campus. Essentially, do NOT expect to find you at your place on Friday night from the hours of 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. unless the party is at your place. Late-night food employees at campus hotspots all know your name and your regular order because you’re drunchies and munchies never fail to lead you there. Passing out on your bed in the clothes you wore out last night is a regular thing, and your roommates probably chose you to be their roommate because you’re the life of the party. (Or not.)
    3. 3. The neat freak. You’re as clean as they come, and you have one or two messy roommates whom you love but who have bothersome habits like leaving they’re stuff on the ground, borrowing your clothes and not washing them or roommates who fail to keep the kitchen clean just like you do. You wipe down the kitchen counter twice before and after you start cooking, your desk is completely empty except for a few picture frames and your books are neatly stacked on your bookcase. And YES, you will notice if someone moves one book from where it was in the first place.
    4. 4. The IDGAF-I’m-gonna-leave-my-shit-everywhere roommate. “Mellow” is your middle name, and you love your roommates! You don’t really get annoyed by habits that they have, but that may or may not be because you’re pretty messy yourself. You may leave your clothes on the ground or forget to wash your dishes often, and, honestly, finding time to shower is really hard sometimes!

    5. 5. The outgoing roommate who is never home. You’re extremely involved in on-campus activities, and you’re extremely passionate about everything you’re doing. You’re generally pretty neat and keep your room organized, but it can get messy as you’re always so busy and when you are in your apartment, which is rarely ever, you’re usually grabbing some books your phone charger really quickly before you head off to your next meeting. You have lots of friends from your organization(s), and unless your roommates are in those organizations with you, you probably don’t see them very much because you are never home!

    6. 6. The roommate who never stops to look up from his or her laptop because he or she is studying so much. You probably have a pretty “tough” major, and you’re usually ALWAYS studying. When you’re not at Main Stacks or Doe Library, you’re at your apartment with your headphones in, listening to your study tunes, tuning out your noisy roommates while you’re trying to figure out a really hard problem or trying to understand a complicated text. You love your roommates, but CAN THEY PLEASE JUST SHUT UP FOR ONE SECOND WHILE YOU WORK ON THIS PROBLEM SET?!


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MARCH 30, 2014