Mexican and Mediterranean at Razan’s Organic Kitchen

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Although magazine reviews and word of mouth praises can often lead you to the doors and dishes of some pretty great restaurants, simply wandering the streets of Berkeley and letting your stomach guide you can do equally the same. Razan’s Organic Kitchen might be one of those places you stumble upon.Razan's

Located on Kittredge Street, between Shattuck and Fulton, Razan’s Organic Kitchen is a small joint that boasts a vast menu including burritos, wraps and other Mediterranean and Latin American dishes.

A former food truck that used to call a corner near Berkeley’s campus it’s home, Razan’s is now a small but cozy establishment (which opened in 1993) that is run by a Jordanian family which owned and ran an organic farm that produced items such as olives and grapes. They place high importance on being organic and pride themselves on their free-range meat and fresh ingredients. Their international wrap selections are mouthwatering to say the least, and include interesting mélanges of global ingredients with Mediterranean essentials like the chicken teriyaki wrap, the organic shiitake mushroom wrap or the traditional Mediterranean dish, the Jordanian wrap.

The organic shiitake mushroom wrap, made of shiitake mushrooms, rice, beans, cheese and salsa was a live fusion of two different cultures and two different cuisines. Surprisingly, however, the mushrooms worked well with its Latin American accompaniments, and was a very filling dish, although slightly pricey, for $9.50.

Razan's 3 - CopyThe Jordanian wrap, composed of hummus, falafel, tomato, onions, lettuce, Tahini, cauliflower and chili sauce boasts the traditional ingredients and flavors of a Mediterranean wrap and was one of the cheaper, although more filling and delicious options, available for $7.95.

Aside from the benefits of eating an all-organic meal, Razan’s also offers a comfortable and homey atmosphere and a price range that is not too expensive (although, it is not that cheap either for those living on a college student’s budget). Nevertheless, it’s the perfect place to go for brunch before heading to the BART station, or a great place to grab a filling meal at any other time of the day.

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