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How to make your boring classes a lot more interesting

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MARCH 31, 2014

Have you ever taken a prerequisite that was worse than a middle school algebra class? We know how you feel. Thankfully, we have a few tips for you that’ll encourage you to love going your classes (or at least not hate them), no matter how similar your professor sounds to Ben Stein on an eye-drop commercial.


Reward yourself. When studying for classes, trying to get through 10 pages of textbook reading can feel like you are reading a lot of meaningless words meshed together. When this happens, create short-term goals. After completing five pages of reading, you get to have some Yogurtland. Or after finishing three problems in your problem set, you can send a text message. And after finishing a whole chapter, you and your roommates get to have a spontaneous early 2000s throwback dance party. #HilaryDuff4ever


Friends. Designate a friend in your class to get coffee with you beforehand. If you force each other to get up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to get a bagel and some coffee before class, you will be obligated to get up for the sake of your friend. Make sure this friend is interesting or has interesting things to tell you about his or her juicy life so that you are actually encouraged to wake up.


Crushes. Designate a class crush. As silly as this sounds, it works. Waking up for a discussion is a lot easier when you know you’ll be sitting next to a hottie (intellectual or physical hottie, of course). This could be your attractive GSI, that cute kid who somehow knows the answer to every question or even the mysterious student in the corner who is always sipping from a Thermos filled with who knows what.


Games. Make going to class a game. Give yourself points for tasks that would be otherwise trivial. Competing with your friends from class makes this even better. Create a Google Doc for all of your class friends to partake in your ridiculous game. Five points for making a clever comment in discussion section. Ten points if you actually answer a question with a non-bullshit answer.

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MARCH 30, 2014

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