The stages of applying for summer internships

As the spring semester winds down, all college students need to think about their summer plans. Some decide to take summer classes, others want to travel all over the world, many will get a job to make money and the rest of us have to apply for internships. To do so, we must enter the dangerous catch-22 of needing experience to get a job but lacking experience because no one will give us a job. For everyone, it is a stressful time, and most people endure the same specific stages of the application process.

1).Convince yourself that you still have plenty of time to apply.


2. Start mildly freaking out because your friends know what they’re doing this summer, and you have no idea what your plans are.


3. Tell yourself that they’re just getting a head start and that you don’t have to think about internships yet.tumblr_inline_n38en1Da441s1v92h

4. Everyone keeps asking you what you’re doing this summer, and then you REALLY FREAK OUT.somg

5. Try to start crafting your resume, only to realize that you have no skills or prior experience.tumblr_inline_mqmxakHRFc1qz4rgp

6. Search for internships online.


7. Find out you have none of the requirements to apply for about 90 percent of the internships you want.


8. Start writing one-page cover letters, but all of them turn out to be a quarter of a page, double-spaced.writing-bad

9. Finally email a few companies your resume and cover letter, wincing while you press “send.”tumblr_inline_mxzpkpwyWe1r3zat8

10. Give up and decide to “get ahead in your classes” over the summer. Nothing says fun like reading up on multivariable calculus while tanning!


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