Everyone’s feelings during the ‘HIMYM’ finale, as told through GIFs

Warning: This article contains “How I Met Your Mother” series finale spoilers.

Ted Mosby and his trusty gang of friends appeared in a new episode on television for the last time on March 31, marking the end of a nine-year, 200-episode era. The popular sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” culminated in a double-episode series finale that confirmed many fans’ worst fears and deepest hopes. Basically, it left us wanting to scream, cry and throw things at the TV.

After nine seasons, the ending brought back all the emotions of seasons past. And while parts of it might have ended the way fans wanted, there were a few unexpected twists that broke our hearts.

For those of you still reeling from the emotional roller coaster and trying to comprehend the turmoil Carter Bays and Craig Thomas recently put you through, we give you the feels you felt during the HIMYM series finale, as told through only the most emotional of GIFs.

1. When Ted finally met the Mother


You wanted to scream and hug and cry all at once.

2. When you began to suspect that Barney and Robin wouldn’t end well


Major facepalm. It was partly because you were annoyed and partly so you wouldn’t have to see what happened next.

3. When Barney and Robin divorced without telling anyone they weren’t still married


Don’t lie — we know you wiped that lone tear from your eye.

4. When Marshall became a judge


Congratulations, Fudge Supreme.

5. When Marshall and Lily had another baby



6. When Barney impregnated No. 31


Statistically, it was bound to happen. But still.

7. When he saw his daughter for the first time


It was almost as cute as two baby monkeys hugging.

8. When he told two scantily clad girls to go home, rethink their lives and call their parents


You done good, Barney, you done good. Finally.

9. When the Mother got sick


It was horrifying and shocking, and after the surprise settled in, your heart sank.


10. When it was confirmed that the Mother is dead




11. When Ted and the Mother were engaged for years before getting married


Are you seriously trying to tell us that Ted is the kind of person who wouldn’t get married as soon as possible?  Isn’t that what this whole darn show is about, anyway?

12. When Robin admitted she should have been with Ted


Is this actually happening?

13. When the story finally ended


So that’s just it?

14. When the kids realized Ted’s story isn’t about the Mother — it’s about Robin


Wait. Wait. What?

15. When Ted showed up at Robin’s window with the blue French horn


Wow, that happened really fast. It was simultaneously cute and confusing. And at some point, you just stopped being able to articulate how you felt.

16. When the final credits rolled


And then it was over.


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