UC, College Board partner in outreach to low-income high schoolers

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The University of California teamed up with College Board this week to reach out to low-income high school students as part of a new partnership between the two institutions.

UC President Janet Napolitano, in a letter sent this week to several thousand ninth- to 11th-graders across the state, urged students to take Advanced Placement classes, explaining that it could increase their chances of being admitted to one of the university’s nine undergraduate campuses.

“Your performance on the PSAT places you among the top students in California,” Napolitano said in the letter. “It is truly impressive that you are preparing yourself so well for college.”

College Board will disseminate the letter to students who scored high marks on the PSAT but come from a financial background that might make them less likely to continue their learning at an institution of higher education. In the letter, Napolitano told students about the university’s Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan, which guarantees that all systemwide tuition and fees will be covered for California resident students who qualify for financial aid, so long as their total family income is less than $80,000 per year.

The university already reaches out to more than 100,000 students annually in California’s public K-12 schools and other academic outreach programs, according to a UC statement. The university and College Board intend to continue targeting high-performing students from underrepresented groups to help them prepare for college.

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