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After going to any school, there are particular habits all students should and will eventually pick up just by going to class every day. Whether it’s a particular shortcut to your lecture hall that cuts your walking time in half or discovering a new place to nap between classes, each new thing you learn is a small victory. There are some habits, however, that should be universal to all students at UC Berkeley. It’s time for you and your friends to gain the following habits and never look back:

1. Use the bathroom in the C.V. Starr East Asian Library. It’s the nicest on campus. 

Although there are bathrooms in every building on campus, it’s truly important to find the best one for you. The East Asian Library bathrooms are small but also fairly clean compared to other bathrooms on campus. Plus, the library itself is one of the most beautiful ones on campus too.

2. Do not walk through Upper Sproul Plaza midday, unless you want to be late. 

At first, it might seem exciting to have people trying to give you random pieces of paper, but it won’t be as fun when you’re rushing to class and people are asking you if you’re an engineering major. Each person has his or her own signature way of avoiding people, but eventually you’ll learn how to avoid those pesky fliers.

3. Branch out to different libraries on campus. 

If you really want to go to a small, quiet library, check out the library in Haviland Hall, the social welfare building. Don’t feel like you have to study at Doe Library or Main Stacks or Moffitt Library just because everyone else goes there. Often, the best ones are the ones that you have all to yourself.

4. Do not ever, under any circumstances, go to the bathroom in Dwinelle Hall. You will regret it immediately.

Just trust us on this one.

5. Go to Qualcomm Cyber Cafe for the best full-service Peet’s Coffee & Tea on campus. Pat Brown’s is a close second.

If you go to Ramona’s or the Golden Bear Cafe, you won’t be able to have your special freddo or iced tea, but if you just want coffee, any location will suffice. However, be aware there are a lot of other places on campus that don’t serve Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Yali’s Cafe in Stanley Hall has good coffee and even better smoothies.

6. Don’t just eat at places that take meal points.

Babette’s Cafe is the best cafe on campus if you want real food, and it also serves great coffee. Don’t just always default to the Golden Bear Cafe or Qualcomm because they’re convenient. Also check out Yali’s and the Free Speech Movement Cafe. Treat yo’self!

7. Learn to love the characters on Sproul, because they aren’t going away anytime soon. 

Sproul is full of eccentrics — and they all have something to say. You’ll probably be startled by them during your first semester on campus, but once you come back after winter break and hear the familiar sound of people preaching on campus, you’ll remember that people like those make Berkeley so unique.

8. You can leave five minutes before a class starts and still make it on time. 

The only exception to this rule is if you have a class in the Li Ka Shing and Genetics and Plant Biology buildings. But generally, you can leave really late and still make it on time — so don’t sweat the small stuff.

9. Go to the Student Learning Center if you want to study and eat lunch at the same time. 

The libraries, especially Main Stacks and Moffitt, are super strict about eating, so it’s best not to eat at all for fear of getting your food confiscated. The SLC, although fairly loud, is a great alternative.

10. Wear layers that are easy to remove, because the temperatures in classrooms vary more than they should. 

105 North Gate and all the language classrooms in Dwinelle are far too warm, but the bigger lecture halls are a lot cooler. Be prepared to deal with the difference in temperature by wearing clothing that you can put on and then take off and stuff into your backpack.

11. Use AirBears 2. 

Use it and you won’t have to log into AirBears literally every single time you take a step.

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