Tweets of the Week: From Franco to HuffPo

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Tweets of the Week

Last week was spring break and, more than likely, you spent it watching Netflix, eating something mom thinks you like because “mushed bananas and carrots with hoisin sauce was your favorite as a kid,” or doing nothing on the Internet. While you were having the time of your life rotting away in the suburbs, a lot of people were doing some really cool/ridiculous stuff! Here’s our latest edition of Tweets of the Week!

Apparently James Franco tried to use Instagram to hook up with a child. Not cool, Franco.

James Franco apparently asked a 17-year old Scottish girl to tag him in an Instagram after which he began a flirtatious Instagram/text conversation. After the girl posted screenshots of the conversation on imugr, Franco responded by posting the above tweet. But perhaps what is most astonishing about this story is that somebody actually uses Instagram Direct. Some think this may have been a publicity stunt for Franco’s new Palo Alto in which he plays a teacher in a relationship with an underage girl. Or maybe it’s just a publicity stunt for Instagram Direct because…didn’t you also forget about that?


Annie Leibovitz shot the Kimye family for Vogue. From what we’ve seen, the shoot was pretty forgetful What was not forgettable was the ridiculous cover photo tagline, which tried to make the world’s worst hashtag cool: #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple. Much less forgettable is the Seth Rogan and James Franco edition. Nice try, Vogue!


Nice one, HuffPo! Always right at the frontline with the hard-hitting news!


YES!!!!! GAME OF THRONES IS COMING BACK ON SUNDAY AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! Plus, look how cute these little guys are.


BBC Live Lounge has brought us some really fantastic performances but nothing will ever top Hugh Jackman’s terribly unfunny “Wolverine: The Musical.” It’s worth a quick look but if you watch it longer than 45 seconds, blood may shoot out of your ears. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.″>March 23,

Last month, Future Islands performed on the Late Show with David Letterman and it was beyond excellent. Letterman loved it, the world loved it, Coldplay loved it, and Major Lazer loved it.  The song is amazing, but the live performance even better. I don’t know if its Samuel Herring’s magnetic emotion, his batman-esque moments when he drops his voice or Herring’s unusual dance moves, but Future Islands’ Letterman performance will surely take the prize as live performance of the year.  If you like what you see, Future Islands will be performing at The Chapel in San Francisco on April 10th!