What textbooks should actually look like

It’s known that you should never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to textbooks, it would really help to know what you’re getting yourself into. We wouldn’t mind spending $100 on a textbook if it accurately described the class. Here is what we think textbooks should actually look like. Left is the actual textbook, and right is our version of what it should really look like.

Anthropology 1

Actual AnthroAfter spending half a semester discussing monkeys and their eating habits, cuddling with stuffed animals (that do not resemble apes, gibbons, cercopithecine monkeys or anything of the kind) seems very, very appealing. Yes, reading the textbook will help understand the material, but attempting to decipher the scientific names for what we always simply called “monkeys” does a good job of putting us to sleep.

Computer Science 9A

CS When you’re heavily engrossed in a computer science course, you quickly start to realize that typing away on your computer takes up most of your Friday nights. Soon, your thoughts are the only things that keep you company, and you become acquainted with the solitude. It’s OK — your computer probably has better battery life than your friends, anyway.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences 149/249A  


Sometimes, learning about electrical engineering can be more appealing than talking to a human being. You’ll probably end up building your next friend, anyway. Why socialize with ordinary humans?

English 45A


Turning the page of a literature book doesn’t have the same appeal as it does in a coffee shop with the background noise of random chatter from other ambitious English majors and journalists. You quickly realize that cafes and coffee shops become your new home — and that is completely OK; just keep working on your novel.

History 103U 

History Let’s face it: Documentaries were made for a reason. Why read what you can watch with your cat? We also recommend including popcorn.

Math 1BMathBefore this course, you never needed the solution manual. Going online to figure out the derivative was unheard of! But then you enrolled in Math 1B, and Wolfram Alpha became your new best friend.

Organic chemistry

Chem For those of you suffering through o-chem, we understand your pain, and we’re rooting for you.

Political Science 2  

Poli Sci In the world of politics, where everything is constantly changing, there’s always new information to learn, and it doesn’t help when the course covers multiple governments of multiple countries all at once. The question isn’t what to highlight, but rather, what do you NOT highlight? In our opinion, political science books should really come with a free subscription to highlighters.

Undergraduate Business Administration 10

UGBA Your admittance to HAAS may not come with a Rolex, but your first paycheck will buy you this and more.

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