A word from your candidates: ASUC President nominees and independent candidates speak out

Amanda Burke/Staff

Editor’s note: With the polls opening Tuesday, ASUC election season is fully underway. Four presidential candidates and independent candidates for other executive positions explain their motivations for seeking top office. 

Standing for students’ rights

From DAAP Presidential candidate David Douglass

Advocating for student mental health

From CalSERVE Presidential candidate Naweed Mohabbat

Striving toward leadership

From Student Action Presidential candidate Pavan Upadhyayula

Why I am quitting my satirical campaign

From BearFeed.org Presidential candidate Pierre Bourbonnais

Striving for a broader representation

Kira Walker/Staff

From independent EAVP candidate Nicholas Jaber

Advancing student interests as their student advocate

From independent Student Advocate candidate Rishi Ahuja

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