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9 things you learn outside the classroom

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APRIL 07, 2014

College is all about you having a learning experience, and many of those experiences don’t come from the classroom. Whether it’s learning to live in a messy room or being able to stay up all night, college will teach you things you didn’t think you would learn. Here are nine valuable skill sets you gain as a student at UC Berkeley:

1. How to avoid doing laundry for three weeks

It’s not that you’re too lazy to do your laundry — you just want to save money. It’s really an investment to buy enough underwear to last you for at least two weeks.

2. How to cope with the stress of finances 

Do you have loans, bills and no money for food? That’s OK, because you learned how to block all that out and still manage to have fun at school. College students are experts at ignoring anything negative and having a good time.

3. How to make your resume look better than it is


Have no prior job experience or internships under your belt? That’s OK! you learned how to impress your employer by making the things you did do sound more useful than they really were.

4. How to get drunk on a Thursday night and still wake up for an 8 a.m. class Friday


It’s not like Thirsty Thursdays exist for no reason.

5. How to avoid people you don’t want to talk to


UC Berkeley students are the best at avoiding people they don’t want to talk to or see. Whether it’s the person you fooled around with at a party last week or the people on Sproul Plaza, you know how to avoid contact.

6. How to get the cheapest price for products


Buying things for full price? No way. From your textbooks to your clothes, you know where to go to find the best sales.

7. What your perfect all-nighter food is 


Whether you stay up with 5-Hour Energy and Doritos or baby carrots and hummus, finding your study snack will feel like one of your greatest accomplishments.

8. How to wake up and be out the door in five minutes


Time is precious, and you’ve mastered the art of putting on your clothes, brushing your teeth and packing your bag all at once. This allows you an extra 10 to 15 minutes of valuable sleep.

9. How to live in a messy or tiny room


We go from stuffing ourselves in the dorm rooms to living in an apartment that, in the end, is still pretty small. And we learn to accept that and revel in the fact that our floor has shoes and clothes everywhere.

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APRIL 07, 2014

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