Best of Berkeley 2014

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UC Berkeley is known for being the best — our faculty is superb, our campus exudes both stature and charm and the surrounding city is full of top-notch eateries and shops. Once a year, The Daily Californian asks you, the readers, to vote for your favorite sights, tastes and figures from the Berkeley community. The votes are in, and you’ve chosen the winners in 41 categories pertaining to food, the city and the campus.

The winners reflect the people and places that have shaped the Berkeley experience for generations of students. These are the places where we get coffee with our friends, the restaurants we take our parents for brunch when they visit, the campus celebrities we see when we walk past Memorial Glade. This is Berkeley.

So here’s to Berkeley at its best.

List of Best of Berkeley 2014 winners:


Best Coffee: Philz Coffee
Best Burger: Bongo Burger
Best Sushi: Joshu-ya Brasserie
Best Pho: Pho K&K
Best Late Night Food: Top Dog
Best Ice Cream: Ici
Best Froyo: Yogurtland
Best Sweet Treat (non frozen): Cinnaholic
Best Italian Food: Gypsy’s Italian Trattoriana
Best Chinese Food: Great China
Best Mediterranean Food: La Mediterranee
Best Grocery Store: Berkeley Bowl
Best Boba: Sweetheart Cafe
Best Indian Food: House of Curries
Best Bar: Jupiter
Best Hangover Food: Cafe Durant
Best Sandwich: Brazil Cafe
Best Vegan Option: Saturn Cafe
Best Korean Food: Kimchi Garden
Best Thai: Thai Basil
Best Mexican Food: Gordo’s Burritos
Best Pizza: Cheeseboard
Best Brunch: La Note


Best DeCal: Game of Thrones — Alliances, Power and Strategies
Best Female Athlete: Missy Franklin
Best Male Athlete: Justin Cobbs
Best Place to Use your Meal Points: Golden Bear Cafe
Best Professor: Robert Reich
Best place to nap on campus: Memorial Glade
Best strategy to avoid flyers on Sproul: Bitch face
Best on-campus performance group: Men’s Octet
Best place to meet squirrels: Dwinelle benches


Best place to hike: Berkeley Fire Trail
Best place to get a tattoo: Industrial Tattoo and Piercing
Best place to get a haircut: Edge
Best place to take a date: Berkeley Marina
Best Bookstore: Moe’s Books
Best Clothing Shop: Urban Outfitters
Best place to thrift shop: Crossroads Trading Company
Best movie theater: Shattuck Cinema
Best local artist: Lil B

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