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Fashion Fridays: Spring Trends on Sproul

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APRIL 11, 2014

This edition of Fashion Fridays, we decided to show you some key spring trends that UC Berkeley students have been getting pretty excited about. If you’ve been trying out ways to spruce up your wardrobe, why don’t you think about …



Marie Sanazaro

Style: “Academic chic. I like to blend genders a bit.”

Natalie Gavello

Inspiration: “Models of Free People. I love designer discount stores, like Loehmann’s or Jeremy’s.”

Lily Shafroth

Inspiration: “I love Carven. Also, Valentinakova – I managed her company last summer.”

Ehsan Yosef

Style: “I’m highly into boots, like Doc Martens. I shop at Urban Outfitters and thrift stores sometimes.”

Delan Lawrence:

Style: “Nothing in particular. But you should take a picture of Gift Opar – she’s a model.”

Gift Opar

Style: “A mix between chic and urban street style.”

Awesome Fact: “I model in San Francisco.”

Charisse Celestial

Style: “Eclectic. I like trying new things and challenging the status quo – mixing different patterns.”

Fatima Nasiyr

Style: “I feel like I’m a blend of Afrocentric, earthy punk with a hint of preppy …. Okay, that sounded all over the place.”

Ryan Koh

Inspiration: “My mother.”

Isis Dillard

Style: “I enjoy thrifting and finding hidden treasures. This shirt and these pants, three bucks each.”

Rai Sze

Miscellaneous Candid Quote: “But I don’t know how to pose!”

Spencer Simpson

Style: “I guess I’m influenced by the seasons. Spring – spring shirt. Winter – I bundle up with dark colors.”

Tiffany Shan & Alex Schuster

Inspiration [Alex Schuster]: “Tiffany Shan!”

Inspiration [Tiffany Shan]: “I’m inspired by you! Like, you, the photographer.”


Guillaume Lafarge

Style: “Uh … I don’t give a shit, really.”

Hee Jin Jang

Style: “I like shirts that are fun and funky.”

Cool Fact: “I’m a video artist. Also an electronic music maker.”

Helen Qin

Inspiration: “Kate Middleton! I like to keep things classic and simple. I don’t like prints.”

Heather Lui

Style: “Hard and soft. So if there’s something male inspired, something feminine goes with it. This dress is a shift dress – no curves – so I’ll wear a more feminine necklace. My style’s kind of punkish, sometimes.”

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APRIL 11, 2014