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Why we love Cal Day

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APRIL 11, 2014

On Saturday, UC Berkeley will open its doors to thousands of prospective students and their parents for the school’s official open house — Cal Day. We at the Clog love Cal Day because, well, free food.

There are also some fun events, such as excavation and yoga classes, and they’re not just for prospective students. Parents, current students, faculty, community members — everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. Shree Patel, a junior psychology major, recalls attending Cal Day her freshman year.

“The fondest memory I have of Cal Day was when my roommate and I were trying to find some invigorating activity that we could participate in and could truly bond over,” Patel said. “We wanted to find something that would be enjoyable for both of us and started to wander about the RSF in hopes of finding something fun to do … Dance Revolution! We decided to give it a go despite the fact that we were a bit shy about it at first, but what better way to break out of your shell and bond than by dancing your heart out and embarrassing yourself in front of your fellow students right? … I think we started off our new friendship in a positive way by getting outside of our comfort zone and trying something new.”

Cal Day is not all play, though. Many students take this opportunity to work hard to promote their clubs and causes, and they end up having a blast in the process.

“I guess my favorite memory was tabling for a club,” said Tiffany Gean, a sophomore double-majoring in business administration and applied mathematics. “It was really fun how a bunch of people came up to me to ask a lot of questions; they seemed genuinely interested in the work we do. It was also really interesting to see the admiration and excited gasps from students and parents. Sometimes, with the constant stresses of schoolwork, it’s easy to forget that we go to one of the best colleges in the world, so it’s humbling to be reminded of that once a year.”

Many people simply enjoy the atmosphere and spirit that Cal Day generates.

“My favorite part is really just seeing people from all over coming together to celebrate Cal’s culture,” said Amy Ma, a second-year film major. “It makes me feel proud and fortunate to be a Bear!”

Right there with you, buddy. Ali Ebrahim, an intended political science major and junior at UC Berkeley, enjoys Cal Day for “the diversity; the different groups grappling for your attention; the incoming freshmen trying to make a decision while current students try to make Cal’s case. The buzz around the university is amazing.”

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APRIL 12, 2014

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