Charges filed against Student Action and Defend Affirmative Action Party candidates

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

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Charges were filed by the ASUC attorney general and the Elections Council against candidates from Student Action and the Defend Affirmative Action Party, which now await judgment from the ASUC Judicial Council.

With two days remaining until elections results are tabulated, ASUC Attorney General Kevin Sabo filed three charges against Student Action candidates and two charges against DAAP candidates. Tabulations will take place Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. at 2050 Valley Life Sciences Building.

Charges have been filed against the entire Student Action party for failing to file two copies of campaign materials with the Elections Council within 24 hours of dissemination.

If found guilty, all candidates will receive one censure. Five censures are required to disqualify a candidate from the race.

Additional charges were filed against the Student Action presidential candidate, Pavan Upadhyayula, and senatorial candidate Hannah Frankl for exceeding the candidate spending limit of $200 and for allegedly campaigning in an ASUC space, respectively.

According to ASUC Judicial Council Chief Justice Nicolette Roger, however, the Judicial Council may issue judgments without hearings for the cases of Frankl and Student Action, given the nature of the cases.

According to CalSERVE elections coordinator Denim Ohmit, CalSERVE also plans to file charges with the Judicial Council but abstained from commenting on the content and context of the charges.

Sabo also filed charges against DAAP for allegedly storing campaign materials in an ASUC space. If the Judicial Council finds the party guilty, each DAAP candidate could receive up to three censures.

While DAAP’s hearing will take place sometime next week, the hearing for Upadhyayula will take place Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. in room 105 of the Goldman School of Public Policy.

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A previous version of this article stated that charges were filed against Student Action presidential candidate Pavan Upadhyayula and senate candidate Hannah Frankl for allegedly exceeding the campaign spending limit and campaigning in an ASUC space, respectively. In fact, charges were filed against Upadhyayula for allegedly campaigning in an ASUC space and Frankl for allegedly exceeding the campaign spending limit.

A previous version of this article also incorrectly stated that Student Action senate candidate Lambert Li received one censure. In fact, the ASUC attorney general filed charges against Li, but Li did not receive a censure from the Judicial Council.