Berkeley Student Food Collective campaigns for location on Lower Sproul Plaza

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

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The Berkeley Student Food Collective is campaigning for a second location in the new Lower Sproul Plaza.

The ASUC Senate demonstrated its support of the campaign by passing Senate Bill 47, which addresses multiple aspects of the Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project — including support for the concept of a student-run business. However, the final decision on the allocation of a vendor space to the collective is in the hands of the Commercial and Student Services Board.

Since its inception, the BSFC’s online petition to the Commercial and Student Services Board has garnered more than 200 signatures toward its goal of 1,000 signatures.

The BSFC is a nonprofit organization that is mainly run by students for students. It strives to provide food with integrity — fresh, local, healthy, environmentally sustainable and ethically produced food — to the Berkeley community.

In 2007, a group of students (who later formed BSFC) circumvented Panda Express’ attempt to set up in Lower Sproul Plaza, according to Jeff Loven, director of education at the BSFC. They channeled the desire of UC Berkeley students to have healthy and sustainable food on campus into action and success.

The goal of the new cooperative grocery market in Lower Sproul Plaza is to increase accessibility to healthy and sustainable food. Besides that, this new location would create an on-campus democratic space for students to voice their opinions on food.

“The BSFC will to have the student body’s best interest in mind (in issues regarding food). Whatever students think are best can be voiced and executed in this space,” Loven said.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, you can sign the petition online. You can also visit the existing grocery store on 2440 Bancroft Way to support the cooperative.

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