The 13 most annoying things your roommate does

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The year is almost over, and that means a change of scene … and of roommate. You might be one of the lucky people who are living with one of their really close friends, or (because you clicked this article) you might have just had it with your roommate’s infuriating habits. But for those of you who are really struggling to keep your cool, it’s time to take a deep breath and realize that the finish line is in sight. So here, for your enjoyment, are the 13 most annoying roommate habits — it’s time to realize that you’re not alone, that it’s almost over and that, really, it’s pretty funny:

1. When pent-up frustration turns into passive-aggressive comments


2. When they eat your organic food and replace it with Costco food


3. When they insist on talking to you while you’re studying, even when you have your headphones in and clearly don’t want to


4. When you ask, “How was your day?” they not only never ask you back but go off on such a painfully long rant that you wish you’d never asked


5. When you’re on the phone and they suddenly decide to jam out to really loud music


6. When they baby-talk their significant others living in SoCal on the phone. Every night.


7. When they leave leftover food in the room, attracting a buzzing horde of fruit flies



8. When you’re obviously in a hurry and they stop you to share their latest episode of problems


9. When they slam their door really loudly late at night


10. When they consistently forget their Cal1 card and ask you to swipe them in at Crossroads


11. When they obviously steal your face lotion but totally deny it


12. When you’re always the one who has to empty the garbage even though it’s mostly their trash


13. When they keep the lights on when you’re obviously trying to fall asleep


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