Fashion Fridays: Light Layers and Spring Kicks

As Sproul quieted down after ASUC campaign season, the campus’ best dressed kids had an opportunity to shine even more this week. With a perfectly even temperature of 70 degrees throughout the week, light spring layering became the key trend on campus, and students have been excited for pastel on everything, from tailored blazers to contemporary bomber jackets. Meanwhile, sunnier days have made way for lighter footwear such as boat shoes, white low tops and Birkenstocks — a nod to the hyper-ironic Normcore trend that’s puzzled the press. We decided to also take a look at some of UC Berkeley students’ fresh kicks this week.



Pic 1


Hannah Rust

Style: “Botticelli meets McQueen. I’ll let you decide which McQueen!”


Pic 2

Christine Jang

Style: “I think that I aim to dress at a level that is an inverse relationship to how tired I am. If I’m headed to a really boring class, I’ll try to look nice.”


Pic 3

Praagya Singh

Inspiration: “Random Japanese dudes on the internet”


Pic 4

Roxanne Forbes

Style: “I like collared shirts and wearing sweaters over them. Oh! And I like Amelie.”


Pic 5

Andrew Brooks

Style: A lot of things I wear are hand me downs. My ex gave me this shirt and this scarf. My sister bought me these shoes. These are my dad’s socks.


Pic 6

Claudia Tang

Inspiration: The people around me. I really like Zara. And Alexa Chung. And black.”


Pic 7

Logan Moy

Inspiration: “My mom’s a pretty big inspiration. She’s VP of Armani. She’s like, all black everything, so I try to do that. Oh! Also The Madbury Club. Shout out to them!”


Pic 8

Shannon Pai

Style: “I usually dress like a British boy or a grandma, but there’s a Giants game tonight! So I did this. LA sucks! Sorry if you’re from LA!


Pic 9



Pic 10

Nick Lo

Shoe Tip: “Gray is a nice color if you want to be simple and neat. Gray New Balances — those are pretty cool.”


Pic 11

Elizabeth Reimer

Style: “I like free piles, like at Hoyt. I thrifted these in the Mission.”


Pic 12

Logan Moy (again!)

(Shoe) style: “I like wearing off white shoes. White and low tops.”