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A ranking of cafes with the best Wi-Fi in Berkeley

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APRIL 18, 2014

Laptop in tow, you stumble into a cafe ready to take on that research paper due tomorrow. While waiting for that latte to kick in, you open up your laptop and start getting down to business. Ten minutes later, however, you find yourself staring blankly at the words, “Unable to connect to the Internet.”

To save you this inconvenience and immense frustration, the Clog has decide to rank the cafes in Berkeley according to Wi-Fi quality. Seriously, we’ve been to all of the places listed below. Share with us your favorites if you feel like we’ve missed your favorite Wi-Fi cafe.

1. Beanery

A quaint cafe with outlets lining the walls, Beanery has relatively high speed Wi-Fi (as long as no one starts streaming, that is).

2. A’Cuppa Tea

The best part of this cafe is its high-speed Internet. With multiple Wi-Fi networks to connect to, you won’t find yourself staring at the dreaded error page on Google Chrome here.

3. Berkeley Floor Cafe

Solid Wi-Fi. If you are seated close to the entrance, you can even use AirBears or AirBears2 as a backup.

4. Caffe Strada

There is a reason behind Cafe Strada’s status as our go-to spot for both group meetings and some personal study time: its steady Wi-Fi (most of the time).

5. Philz Coffee

Philz may be renowned for its great coffee, but its Wi-Fi is usually pretty solid too. Only downside? You have to check in at its location on Facebook to access the connection. Now all your friends will definitely know of your caffeine addiction.

6. Brewed Awakening

Not only does this cafe provide pretty good Internet, but its cute Wi-Fi names, such as Cappuccino and Latte, are definitely a plus.

7. Asha Tea House

Whilst not a traditional cafe per se, Asha’s great study ambience and delicious tea render it a perfect study spot. A word of caution though, it observes No Wi-Fi Sundays, so don’t lug your books all the way down University Avenue on Sundays only to find yourself stranded in a land of no free Internet.

8. Cafe Clem

Good food; stable Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the cafe only allows up to one hour of Wi-Fi use and completely bans laptop usage during the lunch rush.

9. People’s Coffee and Tea

Despite a designated quiet study zone, People’s Coffee and Tea generally has pretty slow and spotty Wi-Fi.

10. Cafe Milano

Regardless of where you sit, the Wi-Fi signal here never seems to be strong enough. You will be better off getting coffee to go and heading to the Student Learning Center, where you will be able to access campus Wi-Fi.

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APRIL 17, 2014

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