Appliances that will save your ass when you move into an apartment

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Congratulations to those of you who have officially signed a lease! It is now time to make sure you are prepared to take on what that lease entails. If you want to make sure your new home away from home will be fun (and safe), don’t forget to add these items to your move-in list.

1. Plunger


With a list of items as long as the Nile, you probably overlooked the necessity of a plunger. Sure, it doesn’t sound as awesome as the huge flat-screen TV you plan on bringing, but it will probably provide more relief. Yes, moving into your apartment will be fun, but don’t overlook the potential for things to go wrong.

2. Microwave


It’s not as good as Crossroads, but it’ll keep you alive just the same. We would add pots and pans to the list, but we know you’ll use this more.

3. A hammer and a screwdriver (at the least)


Things will go wrong. They will break. You will want to fix them before the landlords take money out of your security deposit. Have tools ready just in case.

4. Board games


If you have a TV, ignore this. If you don’t, welcome to your new Friday nights. Now that you’re farther away from frat row, you probably won’t have the desire to make that walk (even if it is for free alcohol). On the nights when frats aren’t an option and apartment parties don’t seem appealing, whip out a game of Monopoly. Don’t worry — you can still implement the Smirnoff you have lying around.

5. Extra cups and glasses


For most of the items you pack, you just need to worry about covering your roommates and yourself. However, when it comes to cutlery, if you plan on entertaining guests, it’s important to have some items they can use as well. While you don’t necessarily need extra plates or forks, having extra cups or glasses is usually a good idea. Visitors are always thirsty, whether it’s for wine or water, but they rarely ask to raid your fridge.

6. Fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher

It’s important to have it, but try not to use it. Also, don’t create fires just to attract hot firemen. You’ll just lose your security deposit.

7. Broom and vacuum


Although you might be OK with living like a pig, your roommates may not be. Cleaning up is just as important as throwing down.

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