Quiz: how green are you?

It’s Earth Week! Various environmental groups around campus have put on events in favor of preserving our planet, but not everyone at UC Berkeley is as environmentally friendly as those dedicated individuals on Upper Sproul Plaza. Which camp do you fall into? Take our quiz below to find out how green you are.

  1. You’re parched, and you’re in desperate need of water. What do you do?
    1. I go to the nearest cafe and buy bottled water.
    2. I refill my Nalgene at the nearest water fill station.
    3. No worries; I always have an extra reusable bottle in my backpack!
    4. I buy a glass bottle of Evian. Only the most expensive for the most luxurious of lifestyles.
    5. I dunk my mason jar into the nearest puddle. Nature is water’s purest filter.
  2. You just finished eating a banana. What do you do with the peel?
    1. I put it into the nearest can I can find — landfill, compost or recycling. Does it really matter?
    2. I carry it around until I find a compost bin and give myself a pat on the back!
    3. I put it in a bag until I can put it in my compost pile at home.
    4. I force one of my minions to throw it away for me. I have no time for useless trash.
    5. What peel? I ate the entire thing to have the full experience of eating a banana.
  3. When you want to get out of UC Berkeley, what kind of transportation do you take?
    1. I use Uber or Lyft to take me anywhere off campus.
    2. I take the 51B to the Downtown Berkeley BART station. I love chatting up crazies on public transportation.
    3. I try to walk or bike anywhere, but if that isn’t possible, I’ll begrudgingly take BART.
    4. I simply call up my preferred limousine service. Doesn’t everyone do that?
    5. I walk everywhere barefoot, rain or shine. I love the feeling of sharp gravel under my feet.
  4. When you go to a party, what do you do with your cup?
    1. I use different cups for each individual drink. I hate mixing alcohol.
    2. I carry mine around and refill it every time, because I don’t want to waste the plastic or paper.
    3. I bring my own mug or mason jar to every party and wash it afterward.
    4. I bring my own red Solo cups because I hate germs, and I divide drinks into one sip per cup. I hate drinking from a cup twice. So unsanitary!
    5. If it’s wine, I drink from the bottle. If it’s vodka, I do handle pulls. I’m all about conserving plastic and glass!
  5. Once you’re done using a textbook, what do you do with it?
    1. I throw it away, but don’t worry — I put it in the recycling bin!
    2. I resell it on Craigslist, despite it being in horrible condition.
    3. I keep it to reread later on. I love learning!
    4. I burn it to contribute to global warming.
    5. I use it for arts and crafts, of course! Maybe make a papier-mache birdhouse. Anything for the birds!
  6. How long do you take showers?
    1. As long as I want, until my roommates complain about me taking too long.
    2. 20 minutes on a good day. Maybe 15 if I’m running late.
    3. About five minutes! I cut my hair super short, too, so it takes no time to shampoo my hair.
    4. I fill a bathtub with my favorite water — mineral Evian water.
    5. I bathe in Strawberry Canyon Creek so “showers” aren’t in my vocabulary, unless it refers to rain.
  7. What does your pile of plates look like after eating at a dining hall?
    1. I usually want to try everything, so by the time I’m finished, I have about seven plates, all with only a couple of bites taken from each.
    2. Usually a couple of plates, each with a few bites left on them, which I’m proud of because the food is usually atrocious.
    3. Fairly clean, because I hate seeing food go to waste.
    4. Dining halls? I only go to restaurants with several hundred-dollar prix fixe menus.
    5. I lick all the plates clean and then steal them to use in my apartment. I try to conserve everything, especially money.
    1. If you were a color, you wouldn’t be green: Do you even try to be green? Try conserving a little here and there, and you’ll be on your way to a greener lifestyle.
    2. You’re green, but you also have other priorities: Even though you try to be as green as possible, you still have your needs. Not everything can be about saving the planet. Sometimes you need to put yourself first, and that’s totally OK!
    3. You’re a green superstar!: You, my friend, are as green as it gets without going overboard. You’ve learned to reconcile your sanity and being as eco-friendly as possible. Keep up the good work!
    4. Do you even know what the environment is?: You care about no one but yourself, and because you want to be remembered in life, why not leave a huge carbon footprint all over everything? If that’s what it takes, you’ll do it. Maybe it’s time to rethink your actions.
    5. So green you’re basically a part of nature at this point: No one is greener than you, even if he or she tries to be. You love the environment so much you would die before ever wasting any water or food, and you’d have to be a completely different person to accidentally put paper in the landfill trash can.

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