Fashion Fridays: Dressin’ for Self-Expression

From finals to internships, students have just about everything to worry about this time of year. With so many things on their minds, it may be tempting to dress down a bit. However, these fresh kids resisted the call of sweatpants and gym shorts, continuing to look towards their wardrobe as a mode of self-expression. From vintage European looks to contemporary monochrome, and rock and roll to hip hop, these students’ outfits show that there is hardly one single way to stand out on a big campus like UC Berkeley.


DSC_2509 V2

Paul Nadal

Inspiration: “Last time I said it was my grandma. She was a former beauty pageant contestant and a seamstress.”



Maisha Davis

Style: “I try for a bit of flashy, Afro-bohemian chic. But today I went with my “New Jack City” look. It’s a movie. Ice-T and Wesley Snipes are in it — check it out!”



Megan Lee

Inspiration: “My best friend Katherine. She made me these earrings!”


DSC_2471 V2




Joan Lee

Inspiration: “My mom”



Martin Padilla

Style: “Both really traditional and grunge”



Dave Lee

Inspiration: “Nick Wooster and Steve McQueen.”



Yi Hao Zheng

Style: “Street style. I like Kanye West. I go shopping in SF a lot — I go to Barney’s in SF sometimes.” 



Aliya Charney

Style: “I like vintage. 1950s-1960s retro futurism. This is a vintage dress I got in Dublin. I also got this bag in Paris, at the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore.”



Derek Cousineau

Style: “I just really like glitter and color”