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It’s easy to say no to everything this close to the end of the semester, but all study and no nights out makes Oski a dull bear. Live a little. We’ve still got dead week to look forward to.

The future of BART

If you’re interested in BART’s future plans to suck less, there will be a new train tour Tuesday at the North Berkeley station. Climb on board and tweet a #futureselfie. BART is hoping for some feedback, so this could be your chance to improve your own future commute. One of the listed features is “wipeable seats.” How great does that sound?

Pixies drop new album

The Pixies will drop their new album Indie Cindy this week. The album has already enjoyed a soft release at independent music stores — see what they did there? The album consists mostly of previously released material, but die-hard fans will buy it anyway. After some rocky changes in the lineup, here’s hoping the Pixies are back to form.

“Child of Light” new RPG

“Child of Light” will be released this week for PS3/PS4 and Xbox. The Ubisoft game features the creative director from “Far Cry 3” and one of the character designers from Final Fantasy, and this game screams gorgeous art from a mile away. It’s an intricately plotted fairy tale RPG, and the concept looks solid.

Jared Diamond at I-House

Wednesday night at I-House, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” Jared Diamond, will speak about his research and new book, “The World Until Yesterday,” about the difference in coping between traditional and modernized societies. There will be a (probably super pessimistic) lecture followed by a Q&A. If you are a history major or are trying to date one, this is a winner right here.

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