Can Tinder get you a free meal at Crossroads?

What if you can score a cute date on Tinder and get a free meal in the process? It’s that kind of question that started a blog on Tumblr called Swipes for Swipes. According to the Washington Post, “if you have extra meal swipes in AU’s dining halls, add the line ‘I have spare meal swipes’ to your bio on Tinder, the mobile dating app. If you’re short on dining credits, add the line ‘I need a meal swipe.’ Then set your search distance to one mile and wait for meals (or meal dates!) to roll in.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 4.14.14 PM

Julia Reinstein, an American University junior, created Swipes for Swipes, writing in her Tumblr post, “Now everything in your life is better. That’s symbiosis, folks.”

We at the Clphoto 2og asked ourselves what it would be like if UC Berkeley students did something similar to Swipes for Swipes. Assuming that Reinstein just wanted to utilize Tinder as a tool to either get rid of spare meal points or get a free meal swipe — with no romantic undertones — we think this could work. Imagine, if you, a UC Berkeley student with an abundance of meal points, were feeling philanthropic. You could help out a fellow Bear in need with this new strategy. In this case, Tinder can also be used for giving away textbooks or setting up study groups!

But we’re pretty sure this would turn into a way to organize “meal dates” — which definitely makes things a little weird. You’d pretty much be setting up a “date” at Crossroads (ew) that only one of you is paying for. There’s also no way to know if the person is just swiping you for meal points or actually finds you physically attractive (the nerve!). But not to worry. According to the Washington Post, Swipes for Swipes at AU “doesn’t seem to have caught on.”

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