The National waxes poetic at the Greek

The fact that so many people can connect with the sentimental and introspective mid-life-crisis-esque anthems of Brooklyn-based, indie-rock band The National may say more about audiences than about the band. Despite the morose, despairing lyrics sung poetically by lead singer Matt Berninger, the energy was surprisingly positive and enthusiastic at
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New BART car design prompts concern from disabled community

A new car design that seeks to revamp BART trains has raised concerns among the Bay Area’s disabled community — especially a pole featured in the cars that would potentially decrease wheelchair accessibility. Disabled and elderly individuals voiced dissatisfaction with the pole during a Tuesday event at the North Berkeley
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The Bulb is homeless’s home

CITY AFFAIRS: The Albany City Council's effort to remove homeless residents from the Bulb favors the leisure of the many over the basic needs of the few

Despite its good-faith effort to connect Albany Bulb residents with much-needed mental health and relocation services, Albany City Council’s decision to dismantle the Bulb’s encampment has contributed to what has become a worrying Bay Area trend: de facto criminalization of homelessness. On Wednesday, Albany City Council agreed to a settlement
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Waiting for the wedding bells

Sex on Tuesday

This semester I made a new friend. A special friend. She is cute. She is funny. She is a virgin. Her name is Sherane. Despite our contrasting sexual histories, we get along well, and we’re clearly attracted to one another. The other night, I went over to her place to
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How to make last-minute summer plans

There are less than two weeks of instruction left in the semester, and it’s almost May. Surprised? So are we. Chances are, a lot of you aren’t as on top of things as you would like to be, but don’t worry, we’re just as jealous as you are of that
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