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What freshmen say at the beginning of the year vs. what they mean now

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APRIL 29, 2014

We have all either been (or felt like) that naive, bright-eyed freshman strong in our convictions — that is, until our time here at UC Berkeley completely and utterly changes them, and we evolve into the ridiculously mature people we are now. Right? We at the Clog have compiled a list of some common beginning-of-the-year, dewy-eyed freshman misconceptions and how they transform by the end of the year.


Beginning of the year: “The dining hall food is sooo good!  I could eat at Crossroads forever!”

End of the year: “How do I have such few meal points left when Crossroads is my nemesis and I avoid it at all costs?” 6663212147_53a1a87a10_z

Beginning of the year: “We’re so close to San Francisco! I’m going to go there at least once a week!”

End of the year: “I recognize that I am trapped in the Berkeley bubble but am not willing to go all the way to Shattuck Avenue to get to BART and go anywhere else.”


Beginning of the year: “Wow, Berkeley is so bike-friendly!  I’m going to get one! Or why don’t I just walk everywhere? It’s so nice out!”

End of the year: “If I miss the 51B, I’m not going to class.” 360214806_8cba428858_z

Beginning of the year: “I can go out every weekend, no problem! It’s college!”

End of the year: “Why did I go out every weekend?! I have a serious problem. College is hard.” Exam

Beginning of the year: “I was super smart in high school. I won’t even have to study for this class!”

End of the year: “Hey, you sat near me in lecture the two times I went to class, and you looked like you were paying attention. Can I see your notes before the final?”


Beginning of the year: “I don’t really know much about the environment.”

End of the year: “FRACKING IS THE DEVIL.”

Image Sources: jeffgunn, eliduke, albertogp123, moyan_brenn

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APRIL 29, 2014

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