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Thought process during review sessions

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APRIL 29, 2014

It’s the last week of school, and we all know what’s coming — the library visits, the late-night runs and, of course, the review sessions. Review sessions are an integral part of the wonderful UC Berkeley dead week and exam experience. They can be very helpful (when the professor actually gives hints as to what is going to be on the exam), or they can be incredibly useless. Here are a range of things UC Berkeley students think while suffering through the hour- or dreaded hour-and-a-half-long experience.

1. Why am I here?

When the professor starts off with a lame joke about how hard the exam is going to be, you start to wonder why you even got out of bed. There’s no hope anyway.


2. This seems really important; I should write this down.

The time will come when it will look like something important was just said. Everyone else will be fervently taking notes, and you will start to mimic the frenzy.


3. It’s been an hour already. I think I’m hungry.

During all the heavy typing and concentrating, your stomach will start to grumble, and you will feel hungry. At this point, typically about an hour in, your mind will automatically start to doze off, and you will start daydreaming about GBC’s chicken strips.


4. Can’t believe I have two more review sessions after this.

While daydreaming about food, you will realize you actually don’t have time to eat because you have two more review sessions to go to after this.


5. OK, I should really concentrate now.

After realizing you have no time to actually study all this review material, you decide to finally concentrate in the review session and learn something. You tell yourself to shut up and try very hard to concentrate on the laws of thermodynamics.


6. Just one more week ’til freedom!

As you’re trying to concentrate, your mind automatically starts to think about the fact that there’s only one week left before your last exam. One week ’til your summer begins. One week ’til freedom or until the summer session begins.


7. Wait, that means there are just two more days left in dead week.

The realization that only seven days are left for exam week to finish comes with the reminder that there are only two more days to prepare for Economics 100B.


8. I really shouldn’t have slacked off all semester.

When you see the list of things you are expected to know for the test, you really start to regret marathoning cat videos on YouTube instead of reading your textbook.


8. Maybe I should recruit people here for a study group.

Then it occurs to you — you’re in a room filled with people who want to study, and they are probably more knowledgeable about multivariable calculus than you are. You think about forming a study group so you can get some help.


9. He looks smart. But what do I have to offer?

That guy two rows in front of you who is taking notes fervently looks pretty smart. You start to think of ways to lure him into your study group … maybe you could bring the food?


10. When did we actually learn this?

As the review session progresses, increasingly unfamiliar topics and material start to come up. Either you went into a coma mid-semester and missed half the course without your knowledge, or you have selective amnesia, because according to your recollection, you never actually learned anti-matter calculations in your “Intro to Physics” course.


11. It’ll work out for the best.

After all the worrying and obsession, you decide to just close your eyes and hope for the best. It’ll all work out in the end. Hopefully … won’t it?


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APRIL 29, 2014

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