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Sneaky ways to avoid paying ATM surcharges

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MAY 01, 2014

In Berkeley, there are far too many restaurants that only take cash (or set a minimum purchase value for credit cards). Thus, it’s essential that we withdraw from our savings accounts in order to enjoy the many delightful foods Berkeley has to offer. But if you head to most ATMs in the area — like the one in The Den or in Asian Ghetto — there’s an unnecessary surcharge added to any amount of cash you wish to withdraw. Paying money to take money out of the bank? Are you serious? We found some ways for you to bypass these ridiculous fees:

1. Buy the cheapest item at Walgreens and ask for cash back (only for debit card holders).


Although you still have to pay money for that purchase, at least you’re getting something in return, and it will most likely be less expensive than the surcharge anyway.

2. Make your parents give you cash whenever they visit.


Tell them it’s for your “books” and they will be sure to pay up. And remember, it’s time to ditch your morals in this time of need.

3. Walk to a surcharge-free ATM.


This suggestion, my friends, is reserved for only the most ambitious of college students. You can look up locations for surcharge-free ATMs on your bank’s website to find the closest one to you.

4. Pay for other people’s purchases with your card and have them pay you back in cash.


Now you’ll even have leverage over them, and isn’t that what friendship is all about?

5. Resign to a life of credit or debit card-accommodating establishments.


Yes, you won’t be able to eat at some restaurants, but this is all in the name of saving a couple of hard-earned bucks. We’re college students, so that means we’re frugal beings by default.

6. Whenever you go to a surcharge-free ATM, withdraw a shit ton of money and SAVE IT UP.


Being cashless is one of the worst feelings in the world, so it makes sense to hoard a bunch of it in the beginning. But you have to remember to ration it and not spend all that money within the first week. Create a budget, and you’re golden.

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MAY 03, 2014

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