PSA: Pokemon scavenger hunt is happening on Monday

Rocio Salas/Courtesy

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Remember the Easter egg scavenger hunt that happened the Thursday before 4/20? Or the April Fool’s “prank” that Google played on the world? Now imagine what happens when you combine these two awesome ideas. At 2:00 p.m., more than a hundred Pokemon and about 30 Pokeballs will be hidden across campus. Your mission: find those lost Pokemon and become a Pokemon Master.

Rocio Salas, junior, is hosting this event for her final project in her ceramics class. Salas, in her Facebook event page, said, “You can keep whatever you find! Be it an intimidating Charizard or an adorable Dratini, try your best to catch them all!”

photo 1Instagram will be the tool you’ll be using to catch the Pokemon. Take a picture of your newly prized possession and tag #BerkeleyPokemonHunt. To avoid spamming your friends’ Instagram feeds, making a collage of your various captures is recommended.

Take pictures while you’re on the hunt, of the Pokemon you find, where you find them, and the person who tags the most photos (of the most different Pokemon) will be named Berkeley Pokemon Master!” said Salas. 

Go to the Facebook event page for more details.


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