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How to get the best deals on your stuff

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MAY 05, 2014

As much as you’d like to just focus on studying for your finals, you know that you also have to figure out how to clean out your room and sell your textbooks and your dorm/apartment supplies that you don’t need anymore. To help you have a stress-free transition into the fall semester, we at the Clog have complied a list of places you can look into to selling everything from textbooks to your couch.

Study materials

Cal Student Store

If you bought your books from the Cal Student Store, you may want to use its buyback program to put some of that cash back in your pocket. The books have to be in decent condition, and the cash back you receive is determined by how much current demand there is for the books.

Textbook Exchange

Textbook Exchange on Facebook is a group exclusively for UC Berkeley students looking to buy or sell textbooks. Unfortunately, the page is often spammed with unrelated ads that you may have to sift through. Timing is also crucial for getting a good deal — the peak periods to use this page are at the start and end of each semester. So get ready to post around May and August!

Moe’s Books or Pegasus Books 

If you absolutely cannot wait for someone to message you on Facebook, your best bet is Moe’s Books or Pegasus Books. The merchants give you an offer in person and on the spot  usually lower than what you can get from fellow students but still a reasonable price. If you’re an avid reader, you can also trade in your books instead of selling them. The catch is that they won’t take just any book you have, and there’s no set rule to what they will accept.

Free and For Sale

The Free and For Sale Facebook group might seem a little shady at first glance, but spend five minutes on the site, and you’ll be impressed by the great deals offered by Berkeley students. You can find everything from bed frames to Japanese lanterns to laser printers.


Craigslist is another site where you’ll be surprised to find amazing steals on furniture. Don’t hesitate to contact the owners to request more information or bargain with them. If you’re selling stuff, make sure to use attractive descriptions like “brand new” or “excellent condition” and provide plenty of details on delivery and price.

Sellegit or BuyNearMe

If you’re looking for a more organized way to browse dorm and apartment supplies, try Sellegit or BuyNearMe. These websites provide more information on the products and ensure that all transactions are exclusively between Cal students. Sellegit uses a Dutch auction system, meaning the price of an item drops with time. BuyNearMe lets you arrange to meet with a prospective buyer or seller on campus.

Image Sources: Sean Davis under Creative Commons 

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MAY 05, 2014

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