Got a secret? Share it on AnonCon Spring 2014

UCB Anon-Con Spring 2014/Courtesy

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Do you have a burning desire to share a secret you’ve been harboring all semester? Are you dying to tell someone? Anyone? As the semester comes to an end, you can now unleash these secret thoughts on UC Berkeley’s AnonCon Spring 2014 forum on LiveJournal and finally get your secrets off your chest before finals begin.

If you don’t want to share, you can amuse yourself with your fellow students’ deepest and darkest confessions just in time to distract you from all the assignments and review sessions you have to pretend to care about during dead week. Everyone can post anonymously so there are no real-life repercussions for anything written, although the forum’s rules include being tasteful and respectful of one another’s posts.

Whether you want to post a confession, encourage fellow students or just amuse yourself from the comforts of your computer screen, AnonCon Spring 2014 is officially open for UC Berkeley’s juiciest anonymous confessions. At the end of AnonCon, the Daily Clog will present the “Best of AnonCon Spring 2014,” but we wanted to start by sharing with you some of the best posts from the last few days. 

1) This person was the first to admit what we’re all guilty of.Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.03.29 PM

2) This person has his/her priorities in order.

stoned and studying ANON

3) AnonCon is a place for smooth talkers.

anoncon kissing

4) And uplifting people who have sage advice.

anoncon kanye sage advice

5) But don’t  be fooled by UCPD. They’re everywhere.


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