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Berkeley in haikus

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MAY 08, 2014

Four years at Berkeley means so many things to me. I couldn’t possibly describe how I’ve changed or how much every relationship and experience has contributed to my development, so instead of writing a serious piece, I decided to encapsulate my memories in haikus. Be nice; I’m a science major.


Welcome to the dorms.

We didn’t know our majors,

But first, needed friends.


Late Night, Sproul, frat row:

Freshman year was a shit show.

Regrets? Maybe. No.


My floormates were tight,

So we got a house on Dwight.

Dance parties all night.


Activists, galore.

Occupy Cal, strikes, walk outs;

Main Stacks naked run.


Moved to the co-ops.

Special dinner, room-to-room,

Family, friends, pots.


I worked hard in school.

Should have gone to office hours.

Tele-BEARS, not cool.


Now I’m a senior.

Leadership, research, did that.

Bad senioritis.


Feeling nostalgic.

Thesis, job, finals; all done.

Goodbye to Berkeley.


“Today is your day!”

Try to keep in touch, but hey,

“You’re off and away”.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of my career at Cal. It felt short, it was an emotional roller coaster, and it was the best four years of my life. Congratulations to everyone who’s graduating, and good luck to everyone who’s staying.

Go Bears!


Michelle Nacouzi was the president of the Berkeley Student Cooperative. She is graduating with bachelor's degrees in environmental science and environmental economics.

MAY 08, 2014