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8 thoughts we all have when we're taking our finals

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MAY 12, 2014

Ah, the joyous time of finals: the tunnel every college student must get through to reach the highly anticipated end. We’ve finally finished a week of trying to memorize every single line of every single book and typing up papers comprising thousands of words, and now it’s exam time. When our test is finally placed in front of us, suddenly all those days of studying are forgotten, and we end up thinking about everything but the material. Here are some of those thoughts we have while we’re taking our finals:

1. When did I learn this?


Did I ever actually learn this? I thought the class was just Intro to Physics. Why are they asking me a question about antimatter?

2. I really shouldn’t have wasted dead week watching YouTube videos.


The official name of dead week is Reading, Review and Recitation Week. So how come you didn’t get any of that done? You really shouldn’t have wasted dead week watching a tiny hamster eat a tiny burrito on YouTube.

3. Other people had better not do well, or else I’m screwed. 


After realizing how little you actually know, you start to depend on something greater than yourself: the curve. Your final hope is that the curve for this class is almost as flat as one of your jokes at parties.

4. OK, so what if I don’t pass?


Bouncing off of just how stellar things are going, you jump to the worst-case scenario. What if you don’t get an A in the class? What if you don’t pass? Will you still be able to declare your major? Are your summer beach plans really going to be replaced by crying fits?

5. How much time is left?


Suddenly you realize you only have ten minutes to complete the rest of your exam and you still have five questions left. #berkeley

6. I can’t believe I have three more exams after this.


You’re almost done with your first exam, and it was so exhausting that you feel like you need two weeks just to recover from the trauma. You’re already dreaming of lounging around in the sun, but then you remember you have three more to go.

7. Now I’m just sad that I’m never going to see that cute guy who sat next to me all semester. 


To distract yourself from just how screwed you are, you try to think about the cute guy you met in class this semester who was basically the only reason you went to class. You start daydreaming about his eyes and cry inside because you probably won’t see him again. It’s only at this point that you realize you should have said hi.

8. I totally killed that test. 


As soon as you hand your test in, you know that you’ve done well (or badly, but that’s OK too). Either way, you’re a UC Berkeley student, and that makes you awesome.

Image Sources: Scott Akerman under Creative Commons, gif 1 , gif 2, gif 3, gif 4, gif 5, gif 6,  gif 7, gif 8 

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MAY 11, 2014

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