Who said it: Chancellor Dirks or a Disney character?

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Over the course of the year, the student body received quite a few emails from Chancellor Dirks. A sensible leader, a caring individual and a… how should we say… “passionate” writer, we often found ourselves unexpectedly touched by the honesty and emotion conveyed in these campus-wide emails. The flowery wording and heartfelt phrasing so moved us that we almost felt like we were hearing lines out of Disney movie. The Clog decided to put our readers to the test and see just how difficult it is to differentiate between the words of Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks and those of a Disney character.


1. “Given the severity of the current situation, we must do more.” Who said it? John Smith from Pocahontas or Chancellor Dirks?


2. “I need to hear what you have to say.” Who said it? Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid or Chancellor Dirks?


3. “There is much work to do.” Who said it? Doc from Snow White or Chancellor Dirks?


4. “For that legacy we owe him our deepest gratitude and profound respect.” Who said it? Scar from The Lion King or Chancellor Dirks?


5. “May the light of learning illuminate your season.” Who said it? Belle from Beauty and The Beast or Chancellor Dirks?


6. “Bring hope to the hopeless and light to all the dark places.” Who said it? Wendy from Peter Pan or Chancellor Dirks?


7. “We stand on the threshold.” Who said it? Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story or Chancellor Dirks?


8. “We can achieve that goal by coming together.” Who said it? Lilo from Lilo and Stitch or Chancellor Dirks?


9. “Every man, woman and child reaches the final destination on humanity’s long walk to freedom.” Who said it? Li Shang from Mulan or Chancellor Dirks?


10. “Thanks to you, I feel fully at home.” Who said it? Belle from Beauty and The Beast or Chancellor Dirks?


11. “Like me, you’ve been feeling the familiar surge of excitement and anticipation.” Who said it? Mickey from Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas or Chancellor Dirks?


12. “And yet you won’t give up on any part of our mission.” Who said it? Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles or Chancellor Dirks?


13. “We’ve come too far to give up who we are.” Who said it? Elsa from Frozen or Chancellor Dirks?


14. “Together we will – no, make that must…” Who said it? Peter Pan from Peter Pan or Chancellor Dirks?


15. “I intend to have fun.” Who said it? Simba from The Lion King or Chancellor Dirks?


16. “We are all in this together.” Who said it? Troy Bolton from High School Musical or Chancellor Dirks?

Answers: SPOILER ALERT – it was all said by Chancellor Dirks!

1) Dirks, Feb 5 email 2) Dirks, April 18 email 3) Dirks, Feb 25 email 4) Dirks, Jan 13 email 5) Dirks, Dec 19 email 4) Dirks, Jan 13 email 5) Dirks, Dec 19 email 6) Dirks, Dec 5 email 7) Dirks, March 19 email 8) Dirks, Feb 25 email 9) Dirks, Dec 5 email 10) Dirks, holiday video 11) Dirks, welcome video 12) Dirks,  welcome video 13) Dirks,  welcome video in reference to Daft Punk 14) Dirks,  welcome video 15) Dirks,  welcome video 16) Dirks,  welcome video… ok, and Troy said it too

Image sources: John Smith, Prince Eric, Doc, Scar, Belle, Wendy, Buzz, Lilo, LiShang, Belle&Lumiere, MickeyMr.Incredible, Elsa, Peter, Simba, Troy

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