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UC Berkeley student arrested for alleged peeping in residence hall showers

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MAY 13, 2014

Update 5/14/2014: This article has been updated to reflect new information from UCPD and the Berkeley jail.

After a two-month investigation, UCPD arrested a former resident of Maximino Martinez Commons — UC Berkeley student Jason Do — on Tuesday on suspicion of videotaping students while they showered.

The investigation began after a female resident reported seeing someone record her while she showered on the morning of March 14. The resident said she was showering when she looked up and saw two hands holding a cell phone above her shower stall, police said. UCPD spokesperson Lt. Eric Tejada said the suspect used a cell phone to take short video clips of the resident. After the resident screamed, police said, the suspect ran away.

After they began looking into her case, police found evidence that suggested Do had filmed several other students as well, Tejada said. Police arrested Do on six counts of peeping with electronic equipment. He was booked to the Berkeley jail Tuesday night with bail set at $30,000. His arraignment was scheduled for Wednesday at 2 p.m. in Oakland.

The incident is one of two cases of voyeurism — watching someone naked without his or her consent — reported this semester in Martinez Commons. In the second case, which occurred April 2, the same resident living on the fifth floor reported that while she was showering around 10:30 p.m., an individual entered the shower stall next to her but did not turn on the water. The resident looked up and saw a cell phone pointed at her. She screamed, and the suspect ran away. The suspect was an Asian male with a black iPhone, according to an email sent to residents by Amanda Dohse, the resident director of Martinez Commons.

Tejada said Do was a suspect in both cases.

Martinez residents were informed of both incidents through emails issued by Dohse shortly after each event was reported. Marty Takimoto, a spokesperson for Residential and Student Service Programs, said in an email that hall staff members are trained to counsel students in cases involving sexual assault or harassment.

“In past years, there have been similar peeping incidents in other residence halls so, sadly, it’s not an unfamiliar incident,” Takimoto said in an email.

In an email sent to residents Tuesday, Dohse said facilities staff are currently working on temporary security enhancements to the showers, explaining that permanent enhancements will be installed over the summer. Takimoto said a Tang Center counselor was brought in last week to help students who may have been affected by the incidents.

Judy Wu, a Martinez Commons resident, said the voyeurism has made her feel uncomfortable living in the hall. She said she tries to shower during times when there are a greater number of people in the bathroom.

“If I were to move back into a university dorm, I don’t think I would choose Martinez again,” Wu said. “I don’t feel that it’s secure.”

If charged and found guilty, Do could face a fine and up to one year in county jail.

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MAY 14, 2014