Calstrology: your weekly horoscope

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Want to know what your week has in store for you? Look no further! The Daily Clog is here with your weekly horoscope.


Right now, you’re sitting on your mom’s couch, talking to all of your friends who are about to board a plane to Los Angeles, Washington or maybe even New York for internships. Slowly, the regret of not applying for anything starts to sink in. But it’s okay — family time is precious. True strength is dealing with your annoying little sister for three months.


Look at you go, making new friends even though the year is over! You got a lot closer to your floor toward the end of the year and plan on keeping your friends around. You’re going to focus on making new connections this summer and on expanding your social circle — which wasn’t that big to begin with.


You have a lot of pent-up creativity that you want to show the world this summer. Maybe take a trip down to the Berkeley Marina, and just let it all flow. Or try doing yoga at the Berkeley Rose Garden. You need to be outdoors and inspired.


Make sure you’re in the Berkeley area this summer — there will be a sea of Irish boys coming, and one of them will be your summer fling. Just make sure you have an agreement with your roommates to avoid any interruptions.


People are going to have a tendency to be overdramatic today, so get ready for your phone to go off every five seconds. Maybe your friend is freaking out about getting a B in UGBA, or maybe your friend found out she got a C on her Chem 3A final. Just be prepared to be the go-to therapist.


Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you want to take a break — after all, you are a Cal student. Right now, you probably have about five projects going on all at the same time.  Take a break. Relax. Watch the sunset from the Big C.


You tend to be a bit forgetful at times, and this unfortunate trait has only heightened recently. Start making lists of everything you need to do.


You have a lot of extra energy, and you don’t know what to do with yourself. Would this be a good time to remind you that the RSF stays open during the summer? We all dread going there, but why not put your energy to use?


You will get upset at your significant other this week. Taking a short ride on the 51B will help you clear your mind.


You’re going through a stale period right now. Try changing your surroundings to feel happier.  The reason the kind man outside of Top Dog keeps telling you to smile is because you really should.


A new career opportunity is going to come your way pretty soon. So what if you didn’t get into Haas? Life still has big things in store for you. You’re going to take your career by storm this summer.


Put down the billion-dollar brand-name, soy, organic, gluten-free chips from Whole Foods and find something in your budget. You’re spending way too much money, and the fact that it’s summer isn’t helping. Try saving a little here and there and reward yourself down the line with tickets to Mad Decent Block Party, but make sure you store some cash away!

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